Why is America still fighting a War in Afghanistan and Irak?

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    Somethings are easier getting into, then out of.

    In a short term, Thy cannot afford to bring them home.

    There are a multitude of reasons why the US should STAY or LEAVE these conflicts.

    Too much to explain here.

    I suggest you spend time reading about each war and its origins first.

    (Google Them)

    Then research the political debates and history surrounding them.

    Make a BIG POT OF COFFEE, you'll need it.



    somewhere i read that another country was involed as well,or like colleen does america win or lose everthing on its own,??????

    There are a bunch of countries or "Coalition of Peace" forces fighting in these wars.
    But when they FINALLY end and the ink dries on the history books the USA will get blamed for its outcome, win or lose.

    Believe or Not?  The war goes on so that the US arsenal industry can continue to thrive.  Paradoical?  A patient goes to see his doctor so that the doctor can make a living.  He goes to the pharmacy so that the pharmacist can make a living.  He flushes away his medication in the toilet so that he can survive.

    First off, it is Iraq, not Irak.  As for your question, I do agree that you probably need to research the web for answers. Yeah, we all want the conflicts to end and they will in good time. Bottom line though, the war was originally declared on terrorism and we have not won that. Will we ever win that one, I doubt it. This area of the world has been in war ever since I can remember and we have always been involved in one way or another. Is it political, is it about religion, what is it really all about? Right now, it is terrorism...... After 9/11, we realized that the US is not immune to attack therefore we must remain active in the region that fosters terrorism to protect ourselves. We don't want war on our soil and I am sure that the countries over there don't either but if those countries allow terrorist activities to grow and prosper then we really have no choice but to go to them before they come to us. I hate it as much as anyone else does but I would much rather it be over there and not here. How bout you? 

    I  agree in general with you above arguments that war somtimes can not be adverted,but,i think you forget like colleen that other countrys have had thier share of terrorism,and and trying to sort out the worlds problems,

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