is there halal meat at Eastern market?

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    It would help, if I knew, where in world you are.Then I have better idea, but as far as I understand,  Halal meat is sold at Eastern markets,

    Yes you have to tell us what part of the world you are talking from in the Uk there loads


    Mel, are you close to the riot that is taking place over the weekend?

    Hi Pamela No thank God I live up the north Manchester and its happening in London I use to live in London but as you know every city just gets too much they are pretty bad and they are exspecting more tonight the problem is that when it all kicks off other simular situations will esculate in other cities I do hope not but again we live in the country no where near cities thank so much for asking its been on the news all day I dont even know why it kicked off it was something do with a the police who shot someone and they didnt think it was fair. As everyone is saying they should have had a go at the police not thier own property its madness :-)

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