Does jonah die in the belly of the whale?

    Does Jonah die and go to hell before he does what Jesus wanted him to do

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    No read the bible he was spewed out of the whales' belly and then went to Nineva as Jesus wanted him to do in the first place.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@darci13</a> thats right he want on to warn nivena about gods eminate destruction of their city if they did not repent . the king (cant remember his name off hand)ordered a decree denouncing paginism and all the people repentd thus saving the city, but much more importantly their own souls

    Jonah spent three day's in the belly of the fish.And the fish spewed him out of his mouth.

    Good question, I know that many mainstream preachers have said that he did die, but that is only speculative. It has been said as well that this story is symbolic of Christ, dieing and going into the belly of the earth, being raised on the third day. Also If a person was swallowed by a whale today he would most likely be dead, unless he found a boat in there to get away from the stomach acid. ha, ha. So I believe it is very (likely he died) and God raised him from the dead. Check out some Bible commentary, and do some research, see what you come up with, good luck.


    Thank you so much I believe he did and my sister made me sound like a crazy person for saying that she even ask what bible I was reading.


    No problem, most of the experts agree, it's not like the Pinocchio cartoon where you just out in the belly of a whale, I think if you read people that saw him had a strange reaction, I've heard it speculated that the acid from the stomach made his skin light to look like a ghost, not sure if I remember that correctly though.

    Ever see how some people can stay afloat on something after they are drifted out to sea and can stay there for days? Well, I beleive it is possible that Jonah was near the "blow hole" of the whale and was able to stay INSIDE the thing for so long. He must have had something to hang on to.

    However, Scripture clearly tells us he went through his mission, despite the fact that he tried to negate his responsibility by going a different route before being thrown overboard and swallowed by this creature.

    Accordingly, the story ends with Jonah being upset with God because He did not destroy the Ninevites, who were spared because they repented. He had hoped to deliver the message, sit back, and watch the fireworks. Much to his dismay. Scripture does not give any further indications of what happened to Jonah; but it ended with his being mad about it. Even hoping that he would die. Neither does it indicate why Jonah was upset with these people, but he sure didn't like them.

    Your sister,

    Luckily, he had a knife, and he ripped it's belly open and then swam to shore.
    hello every one.
    i am back.why did i leave?i though i could give some wisdom of God to someone,but i didn't that some people really dont beleave in God.i said what? but he is real in my life.if as you can see all of my isss are me.i took this personal. for the wisdom God has giving me of the bible,i am jugging someone,becouse thay dont beleave in God.i fill the symbolic of this wisdom,is becouse,i am holding God word back from who God wont to i will not take nonthing personal from is not me that speaks it is God.this is why i fill Jonah held God word in his belly,becouse of his jugement of the people.i fill that jonah spewed the word of God over the land,like and ocean .

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