my 18yr.old cat eats well but is loosing weight. he also drinks alot of water. He seems to have a problem having bowel movements. sometimes his stool gets stuck in his rectum. what is going on

    Is his body starting to shut down or what is going on. Thanks

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    He may have diabetes or a urinary tract infection or some other issue with his kidneys. This can explain all the water he drinks. His stool may be getting to hard for him to pass easily. His vet would probably recommend a senior food that digests easier and passes out of him easier. Stool that does not pass easily is very painful. Ask his vet is he should be given a stool softener for now. He really should be checked by the vet for the issues you mentioned considering his age.

    Have him put down. He is old and suffering. Why do you want him to suffer?

    He's 150 years old in human years.  Be gentle to it.  It has only a few months to live.

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