There is no God

    There is more evidence that we evolved, rather than were created by a ficticious being ie. GOD, because you see it every day. Living things are able to adapt to their environment. Mind you evolution takes a long, long time for those adaptions to reach a pinnacle such as human life. Look at all the fossils [early humans], they adapted. In your defence I feel that there is a spiritual life force present on our world, but it is definately not a mighty being that knows what we all are doing all the time. More likely it is an energy that sustains life. God was an idea created by clever ancient leaders to control the masses through fear. It was a good tactic because it maintained order, but everyone of these ancient leaders or holy men had different ideas about how and what people should worship. This started wars that are still going on today.

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    Science is the devils playground....Jesus is real,he saves me daily,he's my strength...remove the block from your heart and mind.


    shouldn't people be more concerned were they're going to rather than were we've come from


    Doesn't look like a question jimmy, you may want to change it to get more of a response. The Bible says only a fool says,"There is no God." I don't mean that as an insult, I just don't think you know the Word of God. If so, you wouldn't have made that statement.

    How can you make a statement of your truth, when you don't have all the information? I suppose you may want to research the rest of the information that is available, and then arrive at a conclusion? Just a thought.


    Just look at your self don't you think that out of all the atoms in the universe that they all came together to form a living organism YOU !!!! please explain that to this forum just how all those atoms created you and all us randomly without any plan.

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    if we evolved from apes then wht are the apes still here?

    "The Bible, at first sight, appears to be a collection of literature - mainly Jewish. If we inquire into the circumstances under which the various Biblical documents were written, we find that they were written at intervals over a space of nearly 1400 years. The writers wrote in various lands, from Italy in the West to Mesopotamia and possibly Persia in the East. The writers themselves were a heterogeneous number of people, not only separated from each other by hundreds of years and hundreds of miles, but belonging to the most diverse walks of life. In their ranks we have kings, herdsmen, soldiers, legislators, fishermen, statesmen, courtiers, priests and prophets, a tent making Rabbi and a Gentile physician, not to speak of others of whom we know nothing apart from the writings they have left us. The writings themselves belong to a great variety of literary types. They include history, law (civil, criminal, ethical, ritual, sanitary), religious poetry, didactic treatises, lyric poetry, parable and allegory, biography, personal correspondence, personal memoirs and diaries, in addition to the distinctively Biblical types of prophecy and apocalyptic.
    "For all that, the Bible is not simply an anthology; there is a unity which binds the whole together. An anthology is compiled by an anthologist, but no anthologist compiled the Bible". The Bible is a unique book.

    Oh God, help jimmy.

    I understand what you are saying, jimmy. I get the scientific logic about the creation of the world and physic's of living creatures. But when I think about this whole thing, I always reach to the questions about human spirits and our intellectual limits. There are no answers to those I can agree to. And I come to conclude my thoughts that there is a supreme being, God.

    sorry jimmy but the world aint gonna change with what you have said, THERE are millions of people out there in the world who are religious, who are coming up with great evidence that suggests that there is god out there, now i'm not taking sides with whose god is the right one, but i do have my own beliefs. and those millions of people are not just following a 'fairytale', they are intelligent human beings who have done their studies and have lived life whether it offered them the worst or the best. they have been through tough circumstances and saved from the worst and are experienced. your telling me god and religion and heaven and hell is a fairy tale. your telling me all those intelligent humans are following blindly a fairytale? you really think religious people are dumb, they are nit dumb but smart people with experience.
    maybe you believe it's a fairy tale because you havn't been through tough times and experienced the miracle of been 'saved'

    well anyway only time will tell when your going to need this 'saving' in your life.

    There is no god and reading the bible proves nothing. The whole book is based on faith and faith is belief without logic or proof.That makes it arbitrary and capricious. You believe it because you want to. Most of the bible can't even be historically proven. For example, there is no archaeological evidence that the jews wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. There would have to be some evidence and many people have looked for it. Also, there is speculation as to whether Jesus really existed because there are only a couple of vague references to him in the history of his time. One person, Josehpus (not sure of the spelling) a jewish historian during the time of Christ makes a slight mention of a man named Jesus being Crusified but, no details. And with only one or two other references there isn't a lot of evidence. Also, the books of the new testiment don't count because they were written many decades and centuries later by faithful followers not historians. Furthermore, what's the deal with miracles? I mean the spectacular ones that are in good book. What? Did a capricious god suddenly say, "Okay, you guys, you've had you fun, no more miracles for you." Miracles are nothing more than mathmatical anomallies, occurrences so rare that they seem miraculous. Some never happened at all.

    please go get u a LIVING BIBLE and read it those are real easy to understand and this is not a question ur comment is a statement there is so much proof in the BIBLE and all over this earth that GOD is real that i couldnt fit it all on this paper there is one and only one GOD please believe that he died for u and me i am not trying to preach to you i just want u to understand and he is going to return some believe soon i want anyone i can tell to be ready all u do is admit u r a sinner confess ur sins belive that u are forgiven and ask him in ur heart

    I'm also sorry doublehelix, there is no god and there never has been one. You say that millions of people out there are coming up with evidence that there is a god. Why if they have faith are they looking for evidence. Sounds like they have some doubt just as you must have, however little. I have respect for my fellow members of the human race and feel genuine sorrow that this blind faith is still eating away at our world like a cancer. Humans are all unique, however we all express the same type of feelings, and one of the most powerful feelings is hope. Everyone hopes for something, they all need something to hold on to. The outdated belief in an impossible god is what these poor people believe in. The comment you made about being saved is a good example of hope. I was bought up in a kind, christian household and once thought I was saved, but as I got older intelligent, rational thought soon changed my way of thinking. It's about time the human race started looking after itself and our planet, but not through prayer or belief in amighty being because that won't help.

    It is quite disturbing to forward thinking people in this world that innocent people are still dying in the name of this ancient belief, [GOD}. I was bought up in a christian household and wasted my whole young life in prayer.Please don't think that I have been corrupted by the devil, because he doesn't exist, neither does god. People eons ago knew that the worst and only sure way to die was by fire so the concept of hell [the so called lake of fire], was thought up. On the other hand, a place where you could be untouchable must be up in the stars, heaven. When you died these two places, up or down!!, was the only choice. This became popular belief. GOOD=up, BAD=down. These simple beliefs spread from region to region and was adopted into worship of so called gods. Having seen what it is like to lead a life in the service of a non-existant god I feel great pity for the multitude of people who still cling to these ancient beliefs. PLEASE reply.

    Did you know that the new testiment was written around 200 years after Jesus was crucified. The roman emperor at the time was losing control of his people, they were revolting. The mindset of these people was that there was only one god, although all other ancient religions believed in more than one god. This roman emperor Constantine 2nd thought that the best course of action was to drop Romes pagan beliefs and follow what the vast majority of his people believed, there is only one god. This allowed him to continue to collect taxes to ensure the ongoing strength of the roman empire. Back to the new testiment, the emperor needed to enforce his new age, so he invented the office of pope. He promoted himself to be the first pope. This new office had to have a doctrine, so the best writers of the time were asked to write a new book, [The New Testiment]. They needed a hero to influence the people and a popular cult leader from several centuries before [Jesus], was thought to be the obvious choice. Then the fairytale began. It was called Christianity.

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