How can I tell when my honey dew mellon is ripe?

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    Honeydew Melon - One of the most popular varieties of melon, the honeydew melon is available all year round in most markets, although they are at their peak ripeness in the late summer. The melons are large, round, and should be heavy for their size. Honeydews have an exceptionally smooth pale yellow-green skin and succulent pale green flesh. A beige honeydew with distinct green veins reveals immaturity. The best way to tell when honeydew melons are perfectly ripe is to feel the melons. Ripe melons have some very fine veining that you can only detect by touch. The melon should not be soft or scarred in any areas and should be somewhat fragrant. Harvest when the blossom end softens and the stem end is slightly springy and the skin begins to take on a creamy yellow/cream appearance. Pale yellow with bright lemon-colored areas suggests it matured on the vine.

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