why in canada every body are false people and liing so much?

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    It appears you are hanging out with the wrong people.  Canadians like people every where are basically truthful and really nice.

    What makes you think it's only Canada?

    If you continue knocking the country you live in & the people who live there  you are never going to be happy there & no-one is going to like you either.

    This applies to any country.In Australia we have a saying."If you don't love it,LEAVE!"

    Because you haven't been to NYC & LA!

    I'll take a wild stab at assuming that you are of Chinese extraction, judging by your name and accent (no offense intended).  Please confirm.

    Maybe you are the wrong person for Canada.

    Evidence of our dysfunctional Canadian immigration screening process.

    I am Canadian and very proud of my country and the people in it. No matter where you're from you will find these qualities. Please take the time to get to know more about a country before you knock it.I suggest some world travel to get a sense of what the world really entails.

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