How was Michelle Obama's trip to Africa with her family and friends financed?

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    Yes, the taxpayers pay, as they should and as it's been done down through history. The only time it seems to be a problem is when someone doesn't like the current adminstration. Then it's always a rich and powerful politician taking advantage of some poor smucks, never mind the positive effects this has on foreign policy. Look at your history and check out the good that was done by Mrs. Kennedy on all of her trips in the 60's or the many other first ladies that were successful ambassadors for this country. These trips are strategic and not some spur of the moment nonsense, simply because the first lady wants to fly in air force one.


    Very true...well said bigben!!

    Because she made an appearance as the First Lady and made a public speech, she will be able to have part of the trip funded by our tax dollars. The rest, she would have to pay for but will be allowed to write it off her taxes as being a business trip since she did a speaking engagement there. So, the tax payers still pay.

    Walk into your bathroom, turn on the light and LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

    The first lady only offered to pay for her many GUESTS on that trip AFTER the press revealed how much the taxpayers were paying for her little jaunt.


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