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    I have a large Blue Willow china container, I use to collect newspapers in. It has what appears to be an English crest on the bottom of it. There is a lion on each side and what I can read at the bottom is: ? Victoria Wash and then something below that I can't read. How do I find out the correct name of it and it's value? It was given to me over 15 years ago as a gift. It is 18 inches from side to side, 8 inches tall, and 12 inches from front to back.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The china dishes date back to the 15th Century. Any reputable antiques dealer should be able to advise you on the cabinet.

    The antiques Roadshow, look it up. If you really have this ancient china, I would check it out soon as possible.. I have a friend at my work who's auntie just got an old china plate from the Emperor's first dynasty appraised and she got something like $750 000 for it at an auction.

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