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    Gouldtown is, in itself, a very unique community filled with history. It was founded about 1700 by Benjamin Gould upon his marriage to Ann (a Finn). He was the youngest of five children by Elizabeth Fenwick Adams, and a man of color named Gould. Elizabeth Adams was the granddaughter of John Fenwick, the proprietor of Salem County. Other Mulattos soon settled there.

    Anthony and Richard Pierce came here from the West Indies on a merchant ship and stayed. They paid the passage of two Dutch women who became their wives. The Murrays came here from Cape May and claim a Lenape Indian ancestry. Othniel Murray married a Swede named Katherine. Before the Revolution, these three families had intermarried among themselves and with other white settlers.

    The early inhabitants were members of the Old Stone Church. Soon after, the African Methodist Church was founded in Philadelphia. In 1816, the Trinity AME Church was formed. In 1823, they purchased the Wescott Schoolhouse and moved it to the site where the old Middle School is located. This building served as both school and church to the community.

    After 1805, Gouldtown became the site for the toll gate on Bridgeton-Millville Road. Travelers were required to stop and pay a toll. A trolley ran from Bridgeton to Millville providing transportation for the residents of Gouldtown. A Post Office was situated on the corner of what is now Route 49 and Fairton-Gouldtown Road. Its last Post-Mistress was Mrs. Anna Gould-Pierce.

    Today, Gouldtown is a large residential community dotted with many small family businesses. It is the home of the Cumberland County Library, Streets and Roads Department and the county office complex. Located in the old Bowl-O-Drome lanes is a modular home building business. Our new elementary school complex is located in the heart of Gouldtown on Gouldtown-Woodruff Road. State Highway 49 divides Gouldtown as a busy main artery between Bridgeton and Millville. Buckshutem Road runs parallel to Route 49 and has always been a seasonally busy route to the shore. With the opening of the Motorsports Park in Millville, the traffic on Buckshutem is increasing daily.

    Dining can be a pleasure at the Cornbread House, located on Route 49 at Fordville Road. For a quick take-out meal, drop in across the street at Crown Chicken. For the taste of Jamaica, stop in to Shanti Restaurant on Route 49. The township’s largest business, South State Paving, is on Reeves Road in Gouldtown. There are many other businesses located in Gouldtown, ranging from personal care, auto and truck repair, childcare, auto sales, to Mainline Fuel Service, run by the Gould family.

    Next week, I will attempt to give a brief history on the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe. It will be a difficult task to fit their history into the bounds of the blog. This tribe of Native Americans has a very long history of peace-loving existence. Hopefully I can create a historically correct writing that will honor these neighbors.

    Patrick W. Conahey Sr., RN, is a Fairfield Township committeeman. His blog appears each Tuesday here at Cumberland County Voices. You may write to him

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