what do you think of death penalty, do you agree that europe bring back death penalty?

    personally i agree death penalty be brought back, so many criminals being committed by undesirable migrants because they know they risk nothing in europe that they keep repeating committing crimes and cells are compacted that they dont have place inside so the authorities let them go after few years of incarceration, to avoid them repeating the same crime its better they get executed once and for all and so the others will be aware committing crimes if death penalty is being impose

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    "A big YES "Why? they have no respect for live .We have knive gangs in my home town in scotland young "boys age eighteen years old the old law "You can hang it is the only answer "But Euro "nuts say "Oh no they have rights" Ok and what rights do the "victims" have i wish i was "first Minster in scotland for a day .I would tell Euro nuts our "Country "  our "Laws" all the best TAm.

    definitely yes.IBrady.huntley,west etc etc,people that have committed crimes like theirs without hesitation.After all,youd shoot a mad dog.....

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