Im Looking for a Penpal :)

    Hello :) When I was younger, I had a pen pal in Ireland. We wrote each other and sent picture and just wrote about crap. It was so fun to read about her life and get to know her through her letters. I miss that. I lost touch with her and cannot find her. I would love to start a new By Mail Relationship. I think my husband would prefer I befriend a female but other than that, no requirements. We have moved to another city because of my husbands job and making new friends is hard when you are almost 30 with children :) Anyways... if you are interested let me know. Maybe leave your email or something and we can trade addresses. Thanks Ladies :)

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    Dang, would love to do this but I hate writing letters, lol Hence the reason I use skype so much. My friends and I chat by voice there. Sometimes we just leave quick messages to each other. As for sharing an e-mail and posting it to this site...uhhh, I wouldn't recommend it with some of the characters that pass through this site. Maybe open a second e-mail account that you'll never use again after exchanging real e-mail addresses. Hope you find a great penpal!

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    Where is it you live? I did penpal with an elderly gentleman in a home and his family had not seen him since he went in so that was really fun to keep in touch. My e-mail is Wouldn't mind writting once in awhile

    I did Penpal too! It was a long time ago. I lost touch as well, good memories. I don't think my wife would appreciate if I do it again ;)

    Hi. What was you Irish pen pals name. I have many Irish contacts and would love to try and locate her for you. My email address is in my profile if you don't want to put her details on here.

    Hey! My phone wont let me comment so I have to create a new answer. Her name is .. Or was... Gillian Kane. She had a younger brother and lived with her parents. She was gorgeous with beautiful dark hair. I would love to hear from her again!!

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