Can I Pray For You?

    Ok... This isnt to start a fight or upset anyone. I am a member of the Yada Prayer team, so its kinda my job and it makes me feel good. If you dont feel like you need a prayer said for you then no sweat! Dont even worry about. It couldnt hurt though. Anyways, I will take a prayer request for you or any of your friends or family. You dont have to be specific if you dont wanna. Again, please... this isnt to start a fight. I dont want to offend or upset anyone. If you dont belive, thats ok... just please dont yell @ me! Have a good day guys.

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    I would very much appreciate your prayers for me. I like everyone else that has answered you truly do need your prayers and we need to all pray for each other. Thank you and may God bless you too. Darci

    yes i'll take your prayers and all those who ask , i will pray for them as well ,and those who dont ask! assuming were all praying to the one true god ,father, son and holy spirit... shalom daren

    Hey sweetheart..are you really a real person..they are few and far between these days...just your comments make me feel good..yes, please pray for this agnostic that I am...I am way too far jaded to really believe!
    Yes Jess say a prayer 4 me. Like U said "it couldn't hurt", thanks.

    You are a great person for putting something like this together, the world needs more of it.. I would be blessed for someone to finally say a prayer for me.. first of all I need my health to be restored fully, because you are only as strong as your weakest link, and my health has always been bugging me.. If you could say a prayer so that I could feel good again, I would be blessed! And bless your team! :]

    ole hipster

    Hey there anonymous...the basic reason that I am always pretty much on this site is due to the fact that my own health is failing rapidly and it is so wonderful to be able to communicate with others who are going through similiar shit..excuse my language...but I'm sure you know what I mean..peace, love, happiness and better health I shall hope will be forthcoming for you and everyone else here on this site who admit to their own problems

    Yes lol Its a prayer to Jesus/God :)

    hay jess if its not to late i could use a good word or two to the man upstairs,thanx
    yes please


    ole hipster

    OMG..please tell us how she is doing...she is undergoing my future and even though I am not a person who prays as far as I can..I shall..peace and love and hopefulness be with you and your caring for Lori..(:
    please pray for me I suffer with bipolar and life is difficult sometimes.I will pray for you too.Also I think we should all pray for all those fearing tomorrow as false teachers have predicted end of world.
    do we need permission to pray for someone i think not

    No but Im not a psychic either. Maybe Sandy broke her toe or is having problems with her husband. It helps to focus on something. Plus people know that someone is thinking about them specifically. I think that it always feels good to know that. I also feel like if I had said, 'Attention all: I will now pray for all of you,' it wouldve started a horrible debate which is not at all what I wanted.... and doesnt that just ound a little pretentious? If you refer back to my question you will see that I am on a Yada prayer team. I have been given the task to pray for people who need and want it.. and so I ask. So I guess.. contrary to your answer.. yes I do need to ask.

    perhaps you got me wrong, i'll pray for those who ask and don't ask.god knows who we are ,you are so right about needing to know who we are praying for.sorry if i offended you in any way...
    Prayer is always welcome, and I will send some up for you also, thanks.
    My son said " I don't know, Can you?" he is such a smart but... LOL And yes Plz.. I am always a lil lost.


    just start a new thread with this question, she basically said she wasn't looking for a debate.

    Thanks for all of the support guys... I appreciate all of your thoughts on this and am praying for all of you who asked... Sometimes it just feels good to know that someone is thinking about you... Ya know?

    ole hipster

    Hey honey we all are thinking about you, probably even in our dreams!..this website is by far very addictive and you tend to develop a kinship with everyone..I love it! I would love to get to know personally everryone here but I blieve we can do that in this internet space that we are in..not a bad thing for sure!

    Come on peeps, how about some thumbs up for Jess. I think she's done something wonderful here. I may not believe in prayer but I see the honest love in her offer. There should be a bunch of thumbs up for this. ; )

    Please pray for my close friend Reda, who is to have ope soon for cancer. He needs prayers more than I do. God Bless you and yours.

    Sure! You can pray for me or anyone else. I would love, you, brother, for doing so. God told Job to pray for his friends because He wasn't happy with the fact that they sat there through his suffering telling him that his suffering was his fault with God.

    Yet, prayer should be done between the individual and God as it represents the conversation between God and the individual. Had that not been true, we would not be "clothed" in the soul which separates us from each other. We need to pray for ourselves; to Him, in our own words. Scripture tells us to go into a room and close the door behind us. What is said in secret is open to God who hears openly and knows our hearts.

    May God be praised!
    what ever rocks your boat sunshine

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