Corpral Punishment In Schools

    This is not about spanking your own child. I believe as long as it is not out of anger, sometimes a pat on the butt is necessary.. However, I have decided that I will not give a school permission to spank my son when he starts school. I have worked in daycares and have seen what can happen when an adult gets angry @ a child. Besides, that is my child to spank. If there is a problem with him at school I believe the teacher/ principal should discuss it with me and allow me an opportunity to fix the situation with my child. Bottom line? I dont want people outside of the family to hit my child. My parents think Im being ridiculous. What do you think?

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    I'm astonished that anyone would think you're being ridiculous.. they have a job to do, and taking the easy way out by hitting a kid just doesn't seem appropriate for their line of work. You're right, it's your job to spank, no one else's.. it treads on abuse when you have teachers doing it, and only a mother can do it out of love.. if anyone else does it it is typically for revenge.. revenge against a child. Like the cop who tasered an 8 year old. This is serious.. if other parents are that brainwashed then the next generation truly is in danger. They need to pay more attention.

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    When I went to school I was always in trouble. Not for really bad things but mischief. I was sent to the office and would get hit with a cane stick. I hated it. The thing is it did me no harm. The trouble now is there is very little we can do to punish and to teach respect for authority. When we look around and see how the world is changing. Children now jus look you in the eye and say. I will do what i like and you can do nothing. So my answer is. As long as the teacher does not hit through anger I would give my permition to do whatever they feel fits the crime.

    no offence to any school afilliated people, but maybe some of these teachers as well as administrators need a good spanking themselfs. god only knows what really goes on in our schools today!1

    i work in the school system... The last thing a principal wants to do is spank a child. The teachers are not allowd to touch your son. If he is givin a spanking it will be from the Principal or Vice principle. They are not directly involved with the offence and will be cool headed. Having said that. I do not allow anyone to spank my child without first contacting me. I will listen to what happened and either go to the school and do it myself or I will be on the phone when they are punished. I have a HS student... never had a problem... And a 5th grader, never had a problem....

    I had no idea that CP was even allowed in the US anymore. I'm left handed. My first grade teacher saw that as a mark of the devil. She started off by smacking my hand with a ruler every time I used it to write with. It wasn't working so one day she got so mad at me, she took the very large and very heavy dictionary off her desk and slammed it down on my hand breaking some bones in it. She was not fired. She was spoken to and was told to let me be left handed. Of course she got her way for a while because having a cast on my hand forced me to write with my right hand (I got in trouble for the sloppy writing, she used a switch on me in the back room). I did tell me father and and he went to the school and told her he'd punch her in the head the next time she laid a hand on me. She left me alone. The cast came off and I went back to using my left hand with a doctor's note provided that said it was part of my rehab therapy. The following year, it became a law that no teacher could physically discipline a child in our town schools.



    Teacher discipline was allowed then. They couldn't really go after her as she was disciplining me. It was more viewed a case of, "accidents happen" as she claimed she didn't mean to injure me. Her Christian view that left handedness was the mark of the devil was accepted as a plausible excuse. This was in 1968 when religion was allowed to mix into the school system.



    I know Randy. Even as a young child, I knew she was wrong and slightly off center. She just never seemed Christian like to me. She was mean as heck and extremely into discipline. Something she never allowed herself to forget as at the top of the blackboard, ever present, where the words, "Spare the rod, spoil the child". Now I know that comes from the bible but I also know it does not mean to abuse the child. She was no Christian.

    Headless Man

    Sad story, she should have been fired and put behind bars with a lot of left handed people.

    Headless Man

    That wasn't Christian ,even close, she was evil with no sign of love. She may have had a bias but was wrong. 1968 religion was just starting to leave the schools, now you might of gotten shot.


    sad story Colleen


    OMG Colleen that is such a horrible thing that happened. I am so sorry that happened to you. Your father should of punched her anyway. Butt I am glad he was able to control himself. If you were my kid, I think I might have hit her as soon as I saw her.
    I went to a catholic school all my school years and saw many students punished in many different ways. Many times like the ways answered in this question from everyone.

    When I got the board in school I got it at home too. Although I didn't like it yes it did learn from it. Even to this day I still remember everytime and what I did to deserve it. No you should'nt be abused like Colleen was, but if my kid gets the board in school I would first ask her If she derserved it then I would ask the teacher her side

    I was disciplined many times in school many times we were given the choice of paddling or suspention I allways chose the paddle because I knew the belt would be worse if I got suspended

    Oh Colleen! That is crazy... Kids at my school got paddled daily. They even had a select few teachers who were notorious for paddling hard and making kids scream. Yes they still paddle here in the good ole state of TN.



    Why are parents not rising up to fight this outdated law? Who oversees the paddling to know when it crosses the line into abuse?


    We pray in our schools we paddle and we have some amazing kids out here. there is no toleration for abuse of any kind.... ( by school or at home) It happens but not from lack of attention to the matter. it take a village ands that is what we have.... We are blessed.

    Went to an all boys high school in the sixties, they tolerated zero nonsense. Got the hell beat out of me by a teacher on one or two occasions, can't say I'm any worst for it today. My son came home one day with the Nuns hand print on the side of his face. After telling me a fairytale I contacted the school and got the truth. Told the Nun if it happens again put a print on the other side of his face. It never happened again. Took his dirt bike away for a month for lying to me.

    When I was young I feared the police. Now I see young kids just walk up to them and tease them. Corp pun is ok in school or by the police as long as it is not used to satisfy anger

    good answers guys... Thanks..

    There are only twenty states that allow corporal punishment at school and I believe the are all in the south. My guess is that California was among the first to put an end to corporal punishment at school and then went further by intruding into the homes. In my opinion, California has some of the worst problems in the school and in the home. Children that can call 911 and report a parent, teacher or any other adult and claim they were abused. A child can be taken from the home or a parent can be forced out of his/her home solely based on the word of a child, with no marks. You don't dare spank your own child in California, unless you have developed a relationship of love and trust, and they know that you love them and that they need a little discipline.


    California home of The Manson clan the hillside strangler yup I can see how Ca. takes pride in be the 1st to outlaw CP punishment in the school system. Man when I was in school I got my behind busted and even though I did not like it it taught me to resect rules or that there would be penalties to pay.

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