what it means when someone don't use puncuation.

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    That sounds fair to me, leosmami. 

    We can usually tell, within seconds, whether you are having technical difficulty in typing your words, or someone who doesn't have a clue with regards to punctuation and spelling.

    In your case, you are delightful.


    good morning, chiangmai. YOU are delightful also. : )

    tyvm!!!!! Good morning to you too. Yes, it's still early in the morning in Hawaii, and an absolutely gorgeous pollution-free day.

    if its me on a laptop its because i dont know where all the keys are.theres no apostrophes on this thing for a start!the more i look for them the more they hide!!!

    i know exactly what you mean about keys that hide. i do know where the apostrophe hangs out - find the letter L on your keyboard. then jump over the semicolon and colon. the next thing you'll find is the apostrophe.  It's lower case.   --------->  '  '  '  '

    above it you will find the   "   "    "   




    My problem is trying to type too fast. Consequently, I omit a lot of words that I should not omit.

    it could mean that their computer doesn't make capital letters. (this one doesn't.) it could also mean that  they just don't know how to use proper punctuation. it's important to learn and i'm planning on learning it in the next few months. my other computer will guide me. 


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