How do you address the topic of death? My boss has just been diagnosed with cancer and it does not look good he is in his late 70's and has many medical problems. I know the only reason our company stays open is because he is here. I would like to ask him what do you want to happen with your company when you are gone? I have worked here for over 4 years and I feel like when he is gone my job will be gone. I have grown very fond of my boss and I feel for him is it wrong for me to be worried abou

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    It's OK to tell him you like your job, value the job, you like him alot etc. but it isn't up to you to approach the subject of his death. It is up to him to begin a discussion about it. I am sure when he is ready to discuss what is going to happen to the company, you and others will be the first to know. In other words, keep you mind on business and leave the poor man alone until he is ready to talk.


    Thank you for that comment I was leaning towards that thought as well. I really hope he decides to have that talk. I would love to tell him I would work as hard and be as loyal to him as I am now if something was to happen. I feel if I said anything like I love this job and all of that he would pick up on it and know I might be thinking, that seems kind of unsensitive too.

    Good for you, leave the poor man alone for now. He is dying, you have (hopefully) a long life ahead of you. He has such little time and probably many, many things to take care of before he goes. He already has a lot on his mind don't make it worse if you can help it.

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