Ninjas or Pirates?

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    Pirates, because they are free people

    Ninjas of course My friends and I would go Ninja'n when we were young. We would dress up in ninja outfits and jump out of trees and freak people out. It was ridiculously funny, we had swords and all. The funny thing is people just usually screamed and ran away. I wish we had video's of all the fun we had. We all went to Tae Kwon Do together, and hung out on the weekends.

    We usually would only scare our schoolmates or kids from others schools who we knew. We didn't do it to older people, because of the risk of heart attacks. It was just good clean fun, some of my friends played ninjas on the t.v. show, "Miami Vice."

    PIRATES who else can get corn for a "buck an ear"
    PIRATES... PLZ Johnny Depp.. you cant get any better... Well Damon on Vampire Diaries but Vampires werent in the Q.
    Am I the only pirate lover?? Argh!
    Well i am a Ninjutsu practitioner (cant really call yourself a Ninja as it was a way of life)and like leeroy spent many childhood days imitating the ninjas with my 3 other brothers. Ninjutsu is still taught today under the Grandmaster Soke Masaak Hatsumi Bujinkan Budo I have been training for over 24 years as well as instructing. You dont learn set moves as in a carter its not what to do but how to do with very natural body moments.So Im going with the NINJAs on this one besides you need a boat to be a pirate and missing limbs lolol

    thumbs up ninja, who wants to spend all that money on a ship, being that the price of gold is rising so fast, maybe it would be more profitable? I wouldn't want to loose any limbs for all the gold in the world...

    ohh leeroy did u watch the early black and white TV series Shintoro ? poorly dubbed but as kids we loved it
    f*ck the pirates! i go for the ninjas.

    Ninjas! BECAUSE... A ninja can choose to be a pirate if she/he so desires...A pirate can only be a pirate! HELLO??? Why be one when you can be a much cooler BOTH!!

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