what is a good recipe to take to a fish fry

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    I think a nice cornbread salad will go over well at a fish fry. There are several variations so look for the one that appeals to you the most>>



    List of 5 side dishes for fried catfish>>

    The best five side dishes to serve with catfish compliment the natural flavors of the fish, while including elements traditionally associated with catfish cuisine, including southern recipes and country dishes. Whether the menu calls for breaded, deep-fried catfish or filets served over a bed of greens, these five side dishes provide a perfect complement to a main course of this delicious fish. Additionally, countless recipes of these five side dishes are available online and in various cook books, making them easy to obtain and custom tailor.

    1. Corn on the cob. Pay tribute to the Midwestern affinity for catfish with this country, down-home staple. While only available seasonally in some regions, corn on the cob is a bright, healthy compliment to the menu. Serve hot, with butter and salt, in the husk or removed.

    2. Cornbread. A southern dish which can be both sweet and tangy when paired with honey, or warm and rich when topped with butter, cornbread is a traditional and quick side dish perfect for a catfish meal.

    3. Spinach or collard greens. Depending on the region, spinach or collard greens should be readily available year around, and both can be used as a delicious, healthy bed for catfish filets. Methods of preparing both differ greatly among cooking enthusiasts, from fresh-cut and raw to sauteed in butter.

    4. Coleslaw. Another southern favorite, coleslaw recipes are vast and differ greatly, from ingredients to preparation style. The moist, flavorful nature of this side dish makes it a great pairing with catfish, as it will not overpower the main dish.

    5. Potato or macaroni salad. This picnic and cook-out favorite makes a great addition to a catfish menu, and is both a quick and inexpensive side dish with countless recipe variations available. As an added bonus, this is one side dish commonly available at the local grocery deli, making it an even easier addition to the meal.

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    Watermelon or fruit salad would be good. 

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