how do you repel snakes

    black rat snake

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    Here you go:


    1 Purchase Snake Away to prevent snakes from entering an area. This product works well, with one drawback. If you already have snakes in your backyard, sprinkling it around the perimeter may actually prevent them from leaving the property.

    2 Rid the area of existing snakes prior to applying Snake Away. This may require actually seeing and capturing the snakes. If you fear these slithering little reptiles, enlist the assistance of someone who is not afraid of them.

    3 Lay piles of damp burlap along the perimeter of your yard. Snakes like to hide in damp dark places and will crawl under these piles to get out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Check these regularly to capture snakes that have chosen them as their hiding spot. Dispose of snakes at a good distance from the home or they will return. The best bet is to transport them to a wooded area where they will find plenty of food and shelter.

    4 Use a drift fence to direct the path of snakes that may have taken up residence under your porch, deck, or even your home. Lay these out in a V shape with a small opening at the end. Place a snake trap at the junction of the two fence pieces. You can make your own trap by creating a funnel out of hardware wire. Insert the funnel into a bucket or other container. The funnel should be placed so the wide end faces the junction in the fences. The snake will crawl through the hole and into the bucket. Simply place a cover of the bucket and release the snake in its new location.

    5 Remove any debris from areas around your home. Piles of brush or wood provide a perfect hiding spot for snakes. Remove anything that provides a dark damp area for snakes to hide in.

    6 Keep grass cut short and always weed whack around buildings and foundations.

    7 Eliminate the food source. If you have mice, rodents or insects around your home, they will attract snakes. Snakes will go elsewhere in search of dinner if you remove their food source.

    8 Block access to dark damp areas such as under decks or porches.

    9 Toss mothballs under porches to deter snakes, but use care around small children and pets.

    10 Sprinkle Snake Away around the perimeter of your home, once you are sure you have captured any snakes that might be living under decks, porches or around the foundation.

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