If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

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    How to handle money, manners and the Bible.

    American History.

    Manners ... they are so lacking in today's society.


    good answer , There is such a high level of disrespect going on , such behavior was not tolerated when we were younger.

    That's a cool question Jess. I am a teacher so it'll be interesting to see what others think. Remember that we all teach even though we're not standing in front of a class. I learn from many of the answers that I read on this site.


    Middle School Health and Phys. Ed., which includes 8th grade human sexuality, values, along with drugs and violence prevention, so talk about learning from my kids answers...WOW! :)



    classical music anh the word of god... the world needs more of both

    When I went back to college after being out of school for twenty years, I studied Theology. I would teach a Bible study or Tae Kwon Do, both of these things help you protect yourself in one way or another from an ugly world that contains many people out to take advantage of the (more naive people.) <'(///>< Fishermen of men and women.

    I think I would teach gun safety to kids. To many little kids have no idea what kind of damage a gun can do, or what to do if they see one lying around. Most treat them like a toy, Thats when something happens.


    I agree maybe if your still in primary school you can ask your teacher to teach that!

    good idea, not just gun safety but,

    stranger safety, gun safety, knife safety, and sexual safety.
    I would love to go to poor villages in neglected parts of the wourld and teach all ages how to make and build small homes. Help them to have a more comfortable life built by their own hands.


    Headless Man

    I don't think you can teach COMMON SENSE, you either have it or not.


    common sense it not very common

    I would teach almost the same things that Glen Beck is trying to teach us!

    Headless Man

    Good answer......

    Headless Man

    Good answer.......


    great answer

    History! is what I say

    p.e or art!

    Critical thinking

    English and language arts....  (I could use a refresher in both....)

    Child psycholgy

    That is a awesome question im in UNI to learn teacher so it would be interesting to see what are the most fun subjects at school mine was and still is maths!

    I'm the only one in my family that enjoys maths and school so I'm the odd one out I don't care what others say what I should choose I think every child should get to choose how they role their life here is a tip for all teachers

    Let a child choose!

    English grammar and arts and crafts.

    i would teach how to be a good citizen.  for boys, how to be a gentleman. for girls, how to be a lady. i would also teach how to have fun in this life.

    math or language arts

    How to be hell on wheels.

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