When did the people work for the government?

    When this country was established, the wages that the government officials had were far less that they are now. The private sector was the way to go if you needed to make good money. Today it's just the opposite. To work for the government is where it's at. They get paid more, better benifits, and overall better job security. What's happening in this country is bullshit, and I for one am tired of it. I have another blog,"What about the "NWO" that's about to happen?". In it states what our country is doing, and what we need to do, so I won't be stating what was said there, in here. When was it OK for the government to take hold and control the American people? When was it acceptable? What I think is government wants as many people rooting for them and less people rooting for the private sector.

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    I agree with a lot of what you say but not all. Of coarse politicians were paid less when the country was established. Most politicians and government office holders come from money first of all, just like they did in the beginning of this country or they know the right people or are owed a "favor". Their money is not made while holding office but, rather after they no longer are working with the government. Billion dollar companies hire them for their political influence and connections they made while in office. They are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for one speaking engagement and are "compensated" for backing new politicians running for office.
    As far as the government controling the people, it is never acceptable but happens when we let it by doing nothing. The only rational solution to this is if we, the average American citizen, put are personal differences and prejudices against one and other aside and unite together. Protests by million of Americans united together is what our government fears the most. It also leads to the changes that our government needs to make. UNITED WE CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING, but why we bicker amongst each other, that impedes us from uniting and demanding the changes the government needs to make to get our countries problems solved and giving the power back to us! The citizens of America.


    You bring up some good points, thank you!

    Headless Man

    Thats were the tea party comes in a large group that comes out of middle America to try to change things. Then the media for the most part badmouths them.

    Engineered fifth column destruction. Instead of fixing things as they showed up they systematically made them worse and worse under the guise of being patriotic strong defence Americans (Rep.) and caring/helping/loving Americans (Dem.) with the help of their think tanks, shadow govt., control of most of the money, apathy of the masses, bought off media etc. ... This has been engineered for centurys to get to this point so the few at the top could basically live forever with the help of those that think they'll be part of that crew (they wont) and the rest of the humans have got to go now that they've figured out everything exept that this game was being played (to busy working).
    Your whole life has been a lie unless you happen to be at the very top. So, higher wages and better benifits are there to break the country that much faster. imo
    Govt. workers get chemtrailed every day just like everyone else.

    It has always been okay, because it has always happened.. the difference now is it is getting more severe because they have to work harder to keep people asleep and maintain power when people can gather so much information from the web. It's chaos.. which is why they own google and have programs designed to track people and everything they do in order to create an appropriate character profile.. everyone is a suspect to them. What a paranoid, unbalanced people that run the world.. which is why it is up to us to spread love and overpower their weakness easily, but people have no faith in love.. the good news is people are waking up and it will happen, it just takes time. =]


    I have to disagree with that, "it's always been OK" statement. It may be going on now, but that is not how it was in the beginning, and not to this extreme. It's that way now, because of how the lies are spread or the blame is pushed.


    How do you feel about this court judges ruling? He said," Because you left your keys in the car, it created a temptation to the boy that normally would not be there. The urge that he had seeing the vehicle like that was too much for him to withstand. You mad a good boy go bad!" This is the type of political crap we have to deal with on an every day basis. If you can't trust the good boy, then everyone should be paranoid, and that's what they expect (saying it sarcastically). People in government feel this way, and it's all a bunch of, again, crap! Trust me, love would be nice.


    "I have to disagree with that, "it's always been OK" statement. It may be going on now, but that is not how it was in the beginning, and not to this extreme. It's that way now, because of how the lies are spread or the blame is pushed."

    It was that way in the beginning. It was.. the grass is always greener on the other side. The difference is people had more vices that kept them ignorant of politics... but every so often they would see a man's head on a pike or a man hung in the square to make an example.. so they knew not to screw with the powers that be. Every age has it's methods.

    "It may be going on now, but that is not how it was in the beginning, and not to this extreme. It's that way now, because of how the lies are spread or the blame is pushed."

    It has always been this way believe it, the difference now is only that information flows faster with so many methods of communication, so there is trust in the spreading of information. Politics have always been about deception.. there has never been a truly honest and good government in history, not one that can survive or suppress greed.

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