Can you feed your indian ringneck parrot sunflower seeds alone?

    i have a blue indian ringneck parrot who refuses to eat any seed other than sunflower seeds, is this ok for him?

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    No, sunflower seeds have a lot of fat in them. Try him on some bird pellets. If you have a pet store near you they should have it. Get the medium size pellets. It will say good for parrots, conures, doves, pigeons, etc. Pellets have all the nutrients a bird needs and should be it's primary food with seeds being more of a snack food.

    Feeding your bird only sunflower seeds is like feeding a child only smarties to eat!!  Given the choice of smarties or fruit and veg... the child would tend to choose the sweets.   Its the same with your parrot.. and by continuing with this diet, you will definitely end up with a dead one !  Or shorten its life by years !   Introduce fresh fruit and veg.... and as perviously suggested a proper parrot mix... like Rainbow Mix...  

    This alternative food have to be 'introduced' slowly... as the bird will still choose sunflower seeds.

    Over a period of weeks as you decrease the seeds and increase the proper food... you should end up with the seeds being used as a treat... individually.. as a reward for tricks etc.. perhaps a doz. or so, seeds per day !!  Hand offered and not in a dish ! Your parrot will look forward to this treat... and will certainly be far more healthier.

    Good luck !   Rab Macgill




    Hi McGill, welcome to the forum! It's nice to have another "bird brain" here, lol. A lot of bird owners have no clue how much seed is the junk food of a bird's diet. I wish pet stores would educate more when they sell a bird or an animal of any kind.

    Do you have him on fresh fruits and vegetables too?

    If he isn't dead by now I guess it's OK. Ask a veterinarian about it.

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