Why do I Have Nightmares EVERY Night?

    This has been going on for about 4 months. I am so tired of it. Any ideas?

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    you will be better before your married a second time bub.

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    Did you recently get married? Could be the main cause. :)

    If you are going through change, stress or loss in your life it can bring up nightmares. Could you give me an idea what your nightmares are generally based on, I could give you a better idea as to what might be the trigger of it all. I am, in most cases, able to read into what the core of most dreams mean and why they are occurring.

    Fear invites yet more fear it is magnetic.

    How can we know why?... I get them at peculiar times, usually not when i've done something wrong, but when ive possibly done something right.. it lets you know that you still have fight in you.

    maybe cuz u think about scary things before going to bed

    you will be better before your married a second time.

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