What is your job and do you like it?

    I am currently a stay at home mom of 3 but I was previously an office administrator for a food service company and honestly, I hated it. How about you?

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    I am a hair stylist out of my home and I have to say that I love what I do. Being self employed is so much less stress than working under the thumb of others and I am at home so in between clients I can keep up on house and yard work. I choose my own hours and am visiting with great people all day. I also have a chance to tap into my creative side which for an artist is exactly what I need to stay in balance. I am raising two teen boys on my own and am at home for them as well. What more can I say other than I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm retired from the USAF after 22 years, so I have done my job. Now I'm enjoying retirement.


    Thank you for your service to our country

    I am 70, and still working as a sales consultant to help pay the retirement of the USAF retiree with only 22 years of service. I appreciate the military, but 22 years and retirement moves me south. Damn ridiculous!

    PS: I served six years active duty as a US Army soldier ground-pounder.


    Thank you for your service to our country

    There is a book that helped me a lot, "Do What you Love and the Money will follow". Write a list of things you enjoy, then make some decisions. You can do this. I have been an executive secretary, office manager, administrator, Mary Kay sales director all in the past. Now, I am an Evangelist.
    You must look inside and your answer is there. AsK God for help. May you have peace, love, joy, unconditional love, good health and prosperity.


    I like this starlight. I'm an admin. assistant and make good money but dislike doing what I do. I'm trying to figure it out but it's tough. It's nice to know someone is/was in the same position :)


    I'm an Apartment Manager. My hours are very flexible. I not over worked and not under paid. I love people, and I love what I do.

    I am a substitute teacher... I LOVE it. Kids make my day. Iwould do it for free. And a full time wife and mother... I do that for free. Wouldnt trade it for the world.

    I'm a middle school Health/Phys. Ed. teacher and football coach and I love what I do. I try to make my students lives better and in turn, they keep me young at heart. Highly recommend working with kids if you get a chance.

    i am a overhead garage door expert for30 years love being my own boos


    Iworked for 50 year,sandmy wife passed away 10 year,s ago i wish i had of retired 20 years ago ithas ben lonely without herGod Bless you if you can retirewhen you are young all the better you only live once and if youenjoy ehat your heart tell,s you what to do once will be enough

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