how can I install microsof silverlight in my lap top

    I need this program to start watching movies but it is imposible i have been trying everything I dont know if it is a program that does not let me to install it

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    I don't know but a friend of mine had it and said IT SUCKS! and told me never to download it. I'll send her this question to see if she wants to add more tomorrow when she has time.

    Hey I tried when I had a PC (which has now been like probably 3 years or more ago as I now have an apple/mac computer and have not installed microsoft windows on it.  But I tried the Microsoft Silverlight it just screwed up everything on my computer until I uninstalled it completely.  So therefore I am sorry I cannot tell you how it works and all that you might want to contact Microsoft Tech Support for this issue but I can only tell you from my expierence with it I never figured out what that particular program did as I could never get it to work nor did it do anything but mess up my PC period until I just had to uninstall completely.  Wish you luck and hope you can find a better program for what you are doing but my only advice is I would uninstall it completely but that is up to you.



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