How can i get taller?

    I'm 14 and 5'2. I really want to be about 5'6 or 5'7 but i'm not growing much anymore. How can i grow taller without using some weird prescription, more like some foods i should eat?? Please anything is helpful. :)

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    To grow taller, you need at least eight hours sleep per day because you grow at night when your body is at rest. This is what my brother-in-law told me and he is a doctor. Usually, males grow until they are about twenty years old. Females stop growing when they are around fifteen years old, they could go a little longer. Your being short could also be genetic. If your parents are short, then expect to be short also. This is all I can tell you.

    Short of investing in a medieval rack,not much.Excercise is important.But keep it sensible & get plenty of sleep too.

    My father used to say that standing in cow pats made you grow but I think he was kidding.(It didn't work for me!).LOL

    Don't stress and don't go to summer school.  Summer is the time for you to grow. 

    Stand  in a pail of horse dung ,with a gas mask on,for 3hours a day,with your trouser legs rolled up,


    height is not so important, as is the person inside of the body,

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