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    What is your favorite type of dog?

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    I live all dogs in fact any dogs they are the most adorable animals you can have they are so faithful they are like small Children with out the terrible twos and the teenage tantrums I love them to bits its their eyes they look deep into your soul and they always no a good person what ever breed you decide on mel x
    My fav dog is Sheep Dog,gt friend to me as only child,and when I had mishap, and was unable to see, I would walk around with Shep by the tail, and in six weeks that I could not see, Shep just made mistake once,walked under table, poor me Bang, well, I was only 4 yrs old, but I will never for get my faithful friend.

    I had a German shepard who passedi in dec. He was my man... good a gold and followed every comand. then our pomeranian passed 3 weeks ago. for what I am looking for in a pet the pom is what I need. Someone to cuddle and baby... we are getting 2 more tomorrow.... Khoda and Chloe.... Cant wait.


    Ah Jenn I am so sorry we also lost our cat in december and then March we lost out Oliver who was only 8 with 40 mins dead we just could not get over this. yes do get another baby all my Animals are my babies get one soon it takes the pain away not altogeter but it does help god bless m

    As a guaranteed 100 per cent dog lover I say to you "There are no bad dogs only bad owners"so get any breed and love it too bits and it will return the favour a thousand fold.

    A dog that likes you as much as you like it. Doesn't matter what it is, how it looks, how big or small. It will look into your eyes and tell you how much it loves you every day it's alive. That is the dog that will be your best friend.

    Truly man's best friend!

    well said 6dogs its thier eyes tell you so much when a dog looks into your eyes there is nothing better in the world mel

    I had a Golden Retrevor and she was such a beautiful friend. It was so sad the day I had to take her to the vet and have her life ended to stop her pain. She just looked up at me and closed her eyes. Some day I will get another and hope it will be as faithful as Bonnie


    Thanks veterano1.. A dog becomes part of a family and it hurts so much when this happins. I also had an Irish |Setter years ago. Beautiful dog but a bit mad in the head lol


    Something like this happened to me as well Friendindeed. I had a Irish Setter years ago and he got hit by a vehicle and had his legs&hip broken. I had to put him down, it was one of the saddest moments in my life, I cried.

    Ms Sinclair

    I never owned a dog but my cousin had a golden retriever that was a very nice dog except it used to like to try and hump my leg lol

    My favorite Is a Black German Shepard.Raised them for 30 years.Would like to find a black female puppy


    where are you at Papa... we get them at the ASPCA too oftem.. ppl see a fuzzy little play thing and dont realize they are going to get really big.. they get turned in all the time. We just had three adopt out recently.

    a "hot dog" although they don't last long... ok seriously when i was a boy growing up we had a "collie" great natured animal.he also would go on long wilderness hikes with us, we occanialy got lost but "laddie" always got us home. he even saved a house from burning down. by barking until they woke up! he was part of the family we loved him and he loved us , god i miss those days!

    Daren 1 I live next door to a collie her name is Nell
    and when I go in to see her she talks to me I often take her for her walk and one day we were in the woods we came across a Deaf man and he couldnt say sheep dog so he called her WOOL DOG so now she is known as the wool dog. Laddie was a special dog you must have been so proud of him god bless him thanks for the info on Laddie paws for ever x

    thank you...

    your welcome how could I not make a comment you had every one in tears here and thank you x

    Very cool story Daren and Mel, collies are very clever. I've never owned one, but have had neighbors with them and they seem to be very caring family dogs with smarts to boot.

    My other neighbor had a Siberian Husky, in S.FL, the summers were tough for her, she used to howl and bark all mixed together I swear she could say I love you, it was weird and she was such a sweet dog.

    there was another dog in my neighborhood growing up it was a mixed mutt.. id swear the dog had a smile on his face it was the darnest thing..

    I had a half Belgium, half German Shepard growing up, she was the best, loyal protective, great with us kids, we had many other dogs, but she was my favorite. I agree that jr's are great as well, very energetic, my old business partner had one, he was great. He used to jump off the walls chasing a ball or laser, was great with a basketball also, good catch player.


    our JR are all lap dogs and mousers. they are so calm it is rediculous. well until ther is a loud noise or rain then they are a ball of nerves.... you thin kthey may shake into a million pieces.

    Large dog: .... Great Dane = Very docile and loyal but intimidating to strangers:
    But: They Shed, eat and poop a LOT: Short life span:

    Small dog: .... Bichon = Cute, loving, non-shedding and hypo-allergentic etc:
    But: Grooming fees, very separation anxiety prone:

    well I have cats because I love them the best but also I work a lot and they are easier to care for than a puppy. I guess if I had a fenced in yard my choice of a dog would be a Newfoundland or a Brittny Spaniel. Good luck hope you make the right choice for the one you want.

    Jack Russell


    I have a 13 yr old JR... my dad has bred them for over 40 yrs. She is the last of her line. You can not ask for a better friend... BUT.... THE SHEDDING! it is terrible.

    German shepherd
    Get a dog that is right for your life style. If you are not a very fit and active family/person then do not get a big dog. all dogs are hard work though and you must not be out of the house for more than 8 hours a day.
    If you are a first time dog owner i would suggest a smaller, lower maintenance dog like a cavalier, because they are not high energy and are friendly with near enough everyone. the only problem may be the grooming or the malting.
    theres my advice :)

    im with Andrew,German Shepherd although for a smart dog you cant beat a collie

    Fox terrier here man they something else LOL
    Staffordshire bull terrier...they are known as a nanny dog around children.
    I have a mini dachshund and I love him to death.
    i hear their now breeding bulldogs with shitzus, they call it a bullshit..

    An Irish settler makes a great friend with kids and can be easily trained.

    I just love ALL DOGS any one will be the best if you go to rescue place try and let the dog choose you

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