Did you name your car?

    I was so excited last week when my husband bought me an 05 Bonneville for our anniversary, that I immediately gave her the name 'Bonnie.' Does anybody else do that?

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    I know you are proud of your car, and your husband as well. Happy anniversary to you and your husband :-)

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    Haven't named my truck but I had one car that was a total nightmare in repairs and staying in the shop. I guess I called it quite a few names but nightmare car was what it was known as the most.

    i named my 2500 chevy clifford the big red truck

    the blue bomber .. it was a black eldorado
    I have a black convertible mustang, I named it...Darkness!!!
    I have had The Flying Chocolate Box (red with silver striping) The Flying Cane Toad ( because of the colour and squat appearence) The Old Girl for obvious reason. Useless piece of S--t again for obvious reason.
    Let's see now...I had Betsy 1 and Betsy 2, Bernadette, Mabel and Layla...all Chevys
    Last year I had a White 1986 Trans am and I called it Snow White.
    Don't Every one

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