your views on VOLUNTARY euthenasia please?

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    I think it very inhumane to keep people alive who are in a vegetative state or hooked to a respirator with no chance of ever breathing on theire own.


    Did you mean to TD me on the potato picking question?

    6dogs4us no. I thouhght I voted you up. I already changed it to TU. Sorry

    Euthenasia is a last resort, that's my final word. I have taken in dogs that couldn't find homes because of issues, I have taken in dogs that were abandoned by other people so that they didn't have to go back to the Humane Society etc. Same with cats. So very many  over the years, it's hard to count, also hard to hold back the tears knowing that somebody threw them away. I kept them until they either died on their own or were too far gone to save and put them to sleep.

    I would never have an animal put down because I didn't want it, couldn't take it with me etc. etc. etc. There is someone out there that would give the animal a home even if I couldn't. There are other people in the world that care about animals as much as I do. It's just unthinkable to me why people would rather put an animal to sleep than try to help it or rehome or find another solution. Even if you can't afford surgery, there are shelters that will try to find donors to pay for it, if you will only surrender the animal.


    thank you 6dogs oh so true and straight from the heart thank you again mel :-)

    My personal preference  is death with kindness. I have killed many critters that were to be food and I always give them an easy exit, no hanging around and suffering. I don’t collect trophies and when I came across a big buck with an enormous rack, I  would blow the rack right off without hesitation (quick and spares the meat) and the trophy hunters sure didn’t like me. Got shot a couple of time for doing that. Nothing major. I don’t hunt any more, but I think trophy hunters should pay $100.00 a point and bird hunting outlawed completely. The birds are nearly gone here in Northern California.  

    thats lovely! x what do you think about it in regards to people?

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