If you met the Love of your Life and you guys Broke up 3 times and got back together 3 times and you guys still Love each other so you think we should go back togther

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    It has been proven that it is not going to work,getting back together once or twice(fair enough)but 4 times,nah it won't be any better.Just at least remain friends.

    they say third times a charm, well iguess not for you move on,

    I have to say that in many cases when you meet you are constantly changing and growing as who you are. I do think it is possible to grow up and change and find the things that got in the way in the past can and do change just like us.Stay friends for awhile and leave the relationship alone for awhile so you have the chance to learn to respect and love each other as just friends. Once you can't stand it anymore and feel you are both really ready for more then I say go for it. I think without the pressure of a relationship for awhile and the respect of a friendship, you can find out a lot about one another and things will work if it is meant to be.Good luck, true love is hard to come by.

    If you can't stay together and break up all the time it's a sure sign you both need to move on and meet new people. It's just not good enough to stick it out if you keep breaking up.

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