do house flies bite?

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    Yes they do Bite according to spaceghost and they only bite when its going to rain!!

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    I am more concerned about them kissing me and sucking on my face.

    No but they vomit on food and poo all over the house


    They actually bite, they will bite you if it's getting ready to rain. I don't understand the logic behind it but I had some old timers to tell me that and I even had one to bite me, later that day IT RAINED.

    Wow I never knew that Spacey thts amazing! I will watch those little peskies in future thanks for the comment :-)

    No they only do their crap on your furniture.

    no they just agrivate the living crap out of you1

    The only flies that I know that bite are the horse and deer flies!

    dont think so but theyre horrible filthy things!!!!!!!

    I believe they  barf some nasty  fluid that  helps in their digestion  on you  then the  suck up the contents kinda gross getting puked on and eaten alive at the same time  don't you think


    I saw that in the 'Fly' movie.. LOL.. You must be right! :)

    Not that I knew.

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