Does anybody got really useful answer here?

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    Useful answers always accompany intelligent questions.  many questions are immature and posted by adults, we answer those immature questions with immature answers in hope that this immature adult questioner will understand.  many are children, its easy to pick them out, we try to answer thier serious questions with compassion and understanding for the little people.  sometimes they are total asses and we treat them in the same way..

    now what is your question?

    All the time ... All the time ... Get a lot of laughs too.


    Thats a good thing

    We get good answers, answer sensible questions and have fun some time.

    Sure, when we get useful questions. Do you have one?

    I wouldn't make a life or death decision based on an answer here, but certain questions do make the creative juices flow. I find it interesting to see how others handle specific issues in comparison with my thoughts and actions.

    itd be nice to think so,thers certainly some interesting stuff on here

    Do you have any useful question? We are waiting!

    will i win the lottery tonight?actually i can answer that one myself!!!with that thought in mind id better set the alarm for morning!!

     Try my best to answer the serious ones! some times the really silly ones you can not help having some fun posting goofy pictures! here are some GOOFY pictures for the silly ones!!!!""""""""""""""

    guess its all in how you sort them out in your own mind. its up to you

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