can 2 customers of direct tv use one dish ?

    Last december 18 ,2010 the second floor apt 2A had a service connection to direct tv and our service was totally disapppear /disconnected.the technician said the dish is owned by apartment 2A.we ourselves went to the rooftop of the fifth floor to explain that they dont have the right to disconnect us ....but he repeatedly insisted that the dish belongs to apt 2A...then after he has figured out the connection of 2A he resumed our connection.
    then it happen again the same thing happen we were disconnected and resumed 1st week of august and was resumed again but the other channels were not resumed no channel 7 and other local channels....we were told that it is not our dish....we are thinking of disccontinuing the services from direct is not worth to be aggravated by your technician's unprofessional techniques...we paid for the dish sattelite and why we have to share a dish always have to explain to the technician who installs to apt 2A

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    You need to contact Direct TV with this problem.  Customer service 800-531-5000


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