What motorcycles have you owned & what is / was your favorite? .

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    2 Suzukis,5 Kawasakis,2 Yamahas,2 CZ. The biggest was a Suzuki (SP400).The best was the Yamahas,the worst was the CZs. All off road bikes.

     I've had over the  years  only had  Harley's  Panheads,  shovel heads,   and now  have an evolution  Most of the  new  Harley  Riders   have never  had  a  kicker to fall thru  or had  one to kick you back   my old  Panhead  was without a doubt  the most cantankerous  thing I ever  owned.

    I don't know how to ride a motocycle.  If I could, I'd definitely want a Harley Davidson's.  It's on my to-do list: learning how to ride a motorcycle.

    Owned countless bikes, H-D, BSA, Triumph, Japs of all sizes. My favorite was a 750 Honda that I worked to the max.  The fastest machine I ever rode.  Made much $$$ Friday nites running the locals in Philly. The machine was a legend. Stolen and found in Philly (Minus Motor). I'm not really into bikes but always owned one. I'm a "Cager", I like the false sense of security of sheet metal fenders and tube frames.

    I had a Harley Panhead that started so good I could push the kicker down where I could feel the compression and start it in one jump.

    Then I had a Harley 350 ERS that would about kill you starting it.

    I still have my 98 Honda Shadow...she is just beautiful and always starts without hesitation....great beautiful bike!

    BSA Bantam - Triumph Tiger - Honda 200 - Honda 250 Superdream - Honda 400/4 - Suzuki 380 - Suzuki 750 (Kettle).   

    Matchless 500 single, BSA bantamn, Bsa 250 single, Bsa Gold flash 650.

    Matchy was a great bike, started first kick every time.

    Bezza 250 a heap of shit, 40 mph down hill with a tail wind.

    Bezza batamn was a Bezza Bantamn. Onnly used it in fine weather to save petrol in my Ford V8 Ute. Bike sounded like a fart in a pickle bottle.

    Bezza 650 Gold flash., a real motor bike, great comfort for the day. go forever.

    HD Panhead aroiund 1949 or 1950....forget now...been too many years!

    Any feedback on the S&S engines which can be fitted to replace HD motors?

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