why are women in their late 20's attracted to 40 year, separated but still married men

    Why is a woman in her late 20's attracted to a separated but still married man in his early 40's

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    Well not to give you a short answer but most of them are looking for a sugar daddy is all......


    Well, in the current climate, I don't blame her, ugh...
    Not all women in their late 20s want older men. But for those that do, it is probably because they want stability, which means MONEY!
    Could be men in their 40s are on the same mental level as women in their 20s.(Sorry guys).Looking back - when I was in my 20s I didn't have a whole lot of common sense.Guys do develop more slowly.
    b/c older married, or previously married men, are more classy , stable, better dancers,settled in their career, can talk about a wide variety of subjects. Are better at family virtues and working with kids. They have more life experiences. They may have traveled a lot or been in the military. They may have raised thier children to become adults.And many young women that go for older men have father issues. They was to feel '' safe '' . They want to be loved, by Daddy.

    Just curious why you voted me down? 3 other ppl asked the same thing. I assume Younger weman are looking for a sugar daddy when they are looking at a man 2 to 3 times thier own age. I also think that this is in jbb's personal experience not as a general rule.
    Who says? Do you have any money?

    Otherwise, why marry someone who is as old as your parents?

    Be carefull eggs you might get voted down for speaking your own mind. xoxox

    I can't help it, I always speak my mind. It must be my Australian genes.

    Experience--- and a challenge - Once accomplished the attraction will drop off.. He's married.

    That would be my question also.
    Women in their late 20s look for older men because men that are in their late 20s aren't as settled and don't offer as much security. Usually women in their late 20s are looking for financial gain and material comfort to make them happy without the effort of having to support and lift up a young man. However if a young lady would find a young man they would like to support, encourange, an walk along a life's path of ups and downs, the relationship will have depth and substance and have more meaning. When you work hard at anything, it becomes more precious to you.
    physical appearance can be better than a youger man , because thay look after themself because of no heavy drinking, late night out and more experience
    Because of the money not because of their physical appeareance.

    darci that was going to be my answer!!!!!

    can be true those days , youger guys also looking for an older woman for that

    It s just you man.... or you are loaded....

    its a thing now, and also convinient for 40 year old men.

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