what job can i get at 14

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    Paper route, housecleaning, yard work, babysitting. Those are all jobs I did between the ages of  10 and 16. When I turned 16, I got a job with a paycheck.


    If one is not a lazy kid there are lots of things, mowing grass, doing odd and end jobs for elderly stuff like that that if you show the person you are responsible and honest and keep your word and say what you do and do what you say there should be plenty of job opportunities of this sort for you.

    don't try drug will end up in prison and have a full time job just trying to stay alive...

    I answered the same question for a 12 year old.  It applies to you too, except don't do anything kinky.

    You can d the odd end jobs and you can also work at Publix ; thats what my friend does!

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