i need to talk to a human being

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    We're all humans here <> I think, well there may be a couple aliens.

    No prob, Im here.

    I think I'm human although I look in the mirror I said to my self ,that can't be me! there must be mistake where did I go wrong,Oh why me Lord? did you to  make me so unwelcome and ugly that I'M scarring everybody away, please come back to me I'm so lonely for you,I  cry every night to be with me in  my arm hand hold you tight tell you are the most beautiful girl in my life,Well it would be selfish of me to love a pretty laddy [with an old peat up pervert like me,We all in this world suffure from lack of sex depreviation.When we get older or grow up to full mature,than it seem we don't like the little toy that amase us when we were young,.Don't worry something will come your way ,"It could be me a GARRILA" So keep your pant on!!.,



    OOPS,  I forgot,  I'm a alien. SORRY.


    I knew it Spacey !!!:-)

    An intelligent being... lol!

    Hi ladies, I shall return to my planet soon !!

    Sorry.  Right now the computers are operating.  Try tomorrow.

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