Who can smoke marijuana legally?

    Do you have a medical condition that allows you to smoke marijuana legally. These conditions are Aids, HIV infection, cancer, arthritis, spinal cord disease, spinal cord injury, M.S. or epilepsy. If you answered yes to any of these that entitles you to have a medical marijuana access card with the option to produce your own marijuana or have someone produce it for you. A lot of people don't have the space or the capital to start up a grow operation which is why they would chose a grower. I have a license to grow marijuana for myself and I'm looking for 2 patients who are or can be approved by Health Canada to use marijuana as their medicine to grow for. Is that you?

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    not me ... see below

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    Can't believe how many of my neighbors smoke pot. Many are in their 70's and 80's. They all grow their own. I live in a gated community and the police are not allowed in here unless summoned.(PA)They certainly are a happy bunch. I never liked the high. So my poison of choice is beer.
    any one who has a prescription for it
    Why do you want to mess with your what's left of your brains? I know someone,who took that stuff only one time. Guess what? He slit his wrists. He didn't die fortunately and he lived to tell the tale.

    If someone slit their wrists they were already depressed. I've been smoking for years and it has always done the same thing...RELAX ME. I suffer from chronic pain and I'm not willing to take poisonous addictive pharmaceuticals with deadly unbearable side effects. You should do some research on the benefits of cannabis, you might learn something.

    Darl. it messes with your brains. Just listen to someone who smokes it. I have listened to many knowledgable people on the subject.
    political poeple.if you don't bleive me go Canberra

    the cops!!

    I live in ca where it's legal under state law. i had a license to use it but it didn't work for me. i think i got paranoid  because in ca it's illegal with the feds. i have a back injury and chronic pain. ii take terrible pain pills that mess with my stomach and wish that i could smoke marijuana. there was a beautiful field in my town that just got pulled up and removed. (did they burn it?? @@)) the field was BIG-- a couple of three acres or so. terrible to see it ripped up.  it helps so many people. so many. when we learn to be more kind and understanding and wise  toward others, this will not happen -- i do believe a new world is coming.  


    the growers are not allowed to sell there marijuana. the clients give a suggested donation.

    All the times I was smoking marijuana.I didn't know I could do it legally.


    it depends on what state you're in. i don't think it's legal with the feds anywhere. (google will know)

    The deluded who don't know the difference between legal and illegal!

    This is not a question, but a solicitation for business.  Go to another forum for that, I do not think we should help a business to solicit.  Am I wrong here?

    you buy marijuana over the counter.. your doctor gives you a prescription.. it's not that complicated really.. you're not expected to do your own grow-op, but i think you're entitled to grow a plant or two if you have a doctor's notice. The most common prescription is for inability to sleep. it's for relaxation and pain medication.. depending on where you live the prerequisites can be strict or not really.. in BC you can get it just for sleeping, so ive been told.


    Umm, are you sure you didn't change the question after I responded? If not sorry.. but my response doesn't seem to match anything you wrote, so I'm just as confused as you.


    Buddy did you not read the question. I know all the rules I have a license to grow 15 plants for myself. And the point of having a grower rather than buying it over the counter from a dispensary which only exist in B.C. is because these dispensaries charge like $250 an ounce where as with a grower you can get it much cheaper. I had a patient that I was providing for and I gave her one ounce for free every month and every ounce after that for $125. plus I drove an hour to get it to her. I grow for compassion not to make money.

    Only people with medical issues who have a Medical Marijuana card can buy it legally in the US.

    not you :)


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