Have I offended somebody or is my computer on the blink?

    My rating went down while I was reading questions!

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    One year later and I figure this out. TSC went on a thumbs downing party on your answers. I wish I had caught it then. He would have been suspended. Some people should not be so bitter, crabby and grumpy in life. There's no reason to be jealous of those who are not.

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    Probably offended someone.. they do that...

    Oh. Not much point in coming if I say nothing. What was that about pleasing some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all the time?

    You are correct! The voting system allows those that agree or disagree point their appreciation or disapproval without comment. Its not always fair as we have many children that love to run around making a mess of things. We don't have a babysitter here. Well we do have Colleen, she rips into them once in awhile.. LOL
    You voted someone down and lost 10 points. Go to your profile and click on karma history. You'll see this, "-10 You voted down question "

    Thanks Colleen, except I didn't. I didn't know I could vote at all yet.
    dont forget when you vote some one down you lose points as well

    Well that certainly sucks.. You can agree but you get zapped if you disagree.. LOL.. Is that cool or what?? HA!!
    Ms Sinclair

    Yeah. And why do you lose 35 points when you get a thumbs down but only 15 points when you get a thumbs up?

    i guess nobody likes a critic
    vinny said, "nobody like a critic" so true. strangely i've learned a lot about karma just from being here. it's too hard to really explain but karma is with us ALL the time. in everything we do.
    i want to see thousands of active participants. i vote for "funny" i vote just because someone showed up and gave it a try. perhaps i'm just a loose woman? a thumb's up kind of gal?
    vinny : your "communist country" post was pretty funny. i could not put my response in the right place.
    Two people have commmented to me on this page and I can't find you. MY karma was sorted but klots of people, especially new members, are still asking about it. I've asked Colleen's advice about the best way to explain it.
    Colleen thanks for the advice and the information. I did contact Admin & got thanks for feedback. They haven't done anything, or not yet. My rating has gone up but that is because Vinny voted my question up. The one time I tried to vote up my rating was nil... as I said, it was the answer to my first question. I can vote up now without a sign coming up but I have no way of knowing if it counts. I haven't tried voting anybody down. They have the right to their opinion. If I disagree, and I know anything about the subject, I give my own answer. The person who asked can judge for themselves who's right... maybe the majority view?
    Ms Sinclair

    If their karma points go up or if their rating does then your thumbs up counted.
    Thanks for telling me, but I didn't. Yesterday I tried to vote somebody up and got a flash that said I couldn't, so I haven't tried that again either.

    Go to the bottom of this page and click on "contact". Let them know a vote down has been recorded in your history that you didn't make. I'm sure they'll give you back the 10 points.

    Thanks. I'll try it, but can I vote today? I did try voting up a really good answer to my first question yesterday but it just said I couldn't.

    you cant vote on your own questions unless your in a communist country

    I wouldn't know how to try. The one I really wanted to vote up was the answer to the first question I asked. It saved me hours of research.

    You should be able to vote up any answer unless they've changed the karma required for that. It use to be you needed 250 or so karma to be able to give a down vote and only like 20 to give an up vote. They may have changed the requirements for both though. We are expecting a write up on karma in a few days from one of the admin. Try voting up again and see if you get the same message.

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