what is the typical food diet for a husky

    is there any specific dog food or fish or meat.

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    When you pick up your puppy from the dog breeder, ask the breeder to advise you about the best diet to feed your Siberian Husky. Initially, follow the diet that he recommends. But as the dog grows into an adult, you will have to change its diet to suit your preferences. Do not make any sudden changes in your dog’s diet, as this can disrupt its digestive system and be the cause of gastric distress. The Siberian Husky is a small eater, so the small amount of food should be nutritious in order to keep the dog healthy.



    Siberian Husky nutrition should consist mainly of a protein diet, and meat should be the primary ingredient in the food. Some Siberian Huskies suffer from allergies to wheat and corn, so they should be avoided as much as possible. There are plenty of dog foods available in the market, and Innova EVO is the very popular, but it is expensive. Canidae’s dog food is also good and reasonably priced, and is a high quality dog food.


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