Who likes to vote?

    Do you think your vote really matters in a federal election or do you believe that its fixed?

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    I believe over the whole country some votes are fixed one way or another, probably not more than 1%, however I love to vote it is a freedom only a few in this world can have.

    I vote for both state and federal elections. Haven't missed one yet.
    perhaps i'll vote again when a canadate worth voting for comes down the pike. guess i won't be voting anytime soon!
    Stop b*tch*** if your not voting.

    I stopped voting after JFK....totally lost interest...a personal thing.

    I like to vote and I think that it matters. If it didn't then independents wouldn't swing elections.

    That freedom your talking about is an illusion. You think you have rights but you don't. you have privileges. Your not free. Your only free to do what your told. Governments and their countries are controlled by bankers and investors, politicians controlled by corporations and the news you get is from the same people because they own all of the networks, So you can imagine how filtered and wash the information is that you receive.

    Besides who wants to live in a democratic society any ways. That just means that 49% of the people have to do what 51% want weather they like it or not.

    Did you know that the legal definition of "society" is "a group of people jointed together by mutual consent to determine and deliberate toward a common goal." Black's Law Dictionary 8th edition. How do you get mutual consent in a democracy? You don't. Should be called demockery.

    Headless Man

    We don't live in a Democracy or (demockery), we live in a Republic, we vote for people to represent us and if they don't then we vote them out. That's freedom and it's worked for over 200 years and will work for more if we can get all the freeloaders off there butts and doing their part.


    Good for you Randy. Stand up to the negatives who can't see we might get it wrong a lot but we still have more freedoms and protections than other countries out there.

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