Wild Question: What do YOU think will happen with the Stock Market?

    Signed: Nervous in California

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    With all the small investors reading the news tonight, you can expect them to call their brokers first thing tomorrow to sell stocks at the open of the trading day.  Since most orders are "sell" orders and "market" orders, the market will open "gap down". The market will go through a big sell off the first 45 minutes or so, then the bargain hunters will come in.  My take?  Investor capitulation tomorrow or Monday (a stampede of people selling), to be followed by massive buying (a stampede of buyers buying).  This will signal a market reversal.

    Since the VIX (Volatility Index) popped over 30%, this signals unnecessary bearishness with investors.  People tend to do stupid things like buying protection at the bottom of the market.  Remember, in investing, be fearful when they are happy, and be happy when they are fearful.

    They are now FEARFUL!



    I know all mine took a dump this morning.. :(   I think I'm gunna close em all and cash in and go buy a weeks worth of groceries. :(

    Stocks are down sharply in late trading and are headed for one of their worst  finishes. Concerns over global economic growth, debt crisis in euro zone and  fears of double-dip recession have triggered a huge sell-off in the global  equity market.

    Wait till Obama-Care kicks in. :(


    DOWN 512

    Tomorrow is Monday AM...   Cold Fear, Confusion, Anger ... I hope the best for all of us. 

    What will Obama-Care do? <serious question>  

    I'm so nervous about the stocks it takes my breath away. I have NEVER understood them. The stocks are in my Dumb Zone.  (So is Obama-Care)


    The taxes for OC don't kick in till 2013. If the economy is still in the condition its in now, which some people predict, the country will be in worse shape than we are already. OC is ANOTHER entitlement programs that's going to take the country over the edge once and for all. It needs to be repealed. That can't happen until we vote Mr Hope & Change OUT of office in 2012.

    What stoke are we talking about, are you saying we have stoke invested? Where are they? Gone to China!

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