Is milk good for you?

    Is milk good for you?

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    If you enjoy blood and pus in your pre-pasteurized milk then go right ahead... mmmm!


    I totally agree with you jayaywhy, but people would rather have more money then a badge that says "I treat animals better than you do"


    Exactly, because that's what commercial dairy farming has come to. The cows are on milkers most of their lives, because of this they get infections on their nipples which is why they are fed antibiotics their whole lives which ends up in the milk supply and then into humans.

    I just like the taste of milk. Been drinking it all my life and have never had a negative blood test, doctor said to cut back on the amount I drink, so now I drink a half gallon a day.

    That Depends...Did the milk come strait from the cow or did it get processed. Milk from the Cow is the healthiest milk you can get. There are propaganda campaigns that claim the bacteria in cows milk is dangerous and must be killed. When in fact these bacteria ace actually good for you and help strengthen your immune system. Your body is not designed to digest milk that has pen pasteurized. Milk at a molecular level is like a ball with these little arms protruding from it. These arms have an important job. When you ingest milk you body produces enzymes to break it down. These enzymes attach themselves between these arms and begin to do their work. When milk is pasteurized It is heated to 130 Celsius for a few short seconds. By doing this it basically melts these arms so when you ingest milk and your body produces enzymes to break it down they can't because there are no arms for them to attach to. Now your body recognizes the milk as a threat and your immune system attacks it. This leaves you more likely to get sick, cold, flu what ever.

    And the propaganda that milk does the body good because of the calcium. Guess what that's a lie. Your body can't absorb the calcium because there is protein present. Every one knows milk is liquid protein. Ask any pharmacist they'll tell you. Why do you think when you are prescribed calcium your told not to take it with food? Because if there's protein present the pill will do nothing.

    I don't like to drink milk because of its taste but I must agree with jayaywhy on his answer. Milk is really good for you straight from the cows. When you try to 'take out the bacteria' you might be taking out all the vitamins and proteins in it as well. Yes, milk is very good for you (even though I don't drink it, lactose intolerant)

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