Who wants to stop the one world government from happening?

    Soon like the European union the United States, Canada and Mexico will be joining together to form the North American Union. A new currency will be developed called the Amero. Eventually and African Union and Asian Union will be developed and finally all will be joined together to form the one world government. Who wants to stop this from happening?

    Don't believe me? Google North American Union and see what you get.

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    The world population reduction would be closer to 500 million.

    If that happens, then start evolving your soul now while you can. Learn from your life. Raise your vibrations.. just be ready. And do what you can to spread the awareness! :]

    Let me point out that; the biggest part of their plan evolves around indoctrinating the next generation of students in to a highly conditioned globalist state of mind, and they are currently using the environment to do this. Any time you hear about 'sustainability', that is code for a new generation of slaves. There is no freedom in going to school only to be placed in the work force, that isn't why we have education. Education is not work force placement.. this is a slow, gradual process and people have to wake up to the education system, and 1. pull their kids out of there, or 2. keep a close watch on all that they learn and make sure your child has an open mind and questions all. :]


    Freedom is a state of awareness.. it requires no approval or validation of enterprise. :]


    I couldn't agree with you more. All the education system is is job training. To put you out into the work force and be a slave until you retire broke. On the other hand I have recently come across some information you might be interested in if you want to free yourself from the clutches of the goverments. Check out Robert Arther Menard in The Magnificent Deception or Intro to Your Human Rights by Russell Porisky. The information these guys have is revolutionary and mind blowing. I've confirmed the information is good through my own research which as you'll see is quite easy.

    Anyone with a brain . . .


    So since it's happening, what are you going to do about it?

    it would be a pity for one government to run the planet, because everyone is getting on so well just now!!

    maybe a huge change is just what this planet needs ;-)

    It has been said in some circles the agenda of a NWO is to reduce the world population to about 1 billion people through an insidious process, if this is true, perhaps that is enough motivation


    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that knows about that. It is true there is a plan to get rid of us all. In fact it's written in seven languages on a sort of stone henge like monument in the U.S. No one knows who put it there. If you want to know more about this information just check out and search NWO or reduce population to half million there is even a cool 5 part series called High Jacking Humanity...check it out its pretty eye opening.

    The voters have a chance to END IT IN 2012 before it happens.


    Do you really think your vote counts or has anything to to with what is really happening. The democratic system is an illusion. Your not free and voting doesn't matter. Our presidents and prime ministers are controlled. They have no say just like you have no say. Your free to to what your told that's all. Get out of line an suffer the consequences. Do some research and you'll find that every president in history except two J.F.K. and I can't remember the other one is blood related to the royal family, yes even Obama. You can't be president unless your related. It's all about controll

    I would have to know more detail on the North American Union first. If it was an US controlled union with a gradual citizenship for most Mexicans and that they have to contribute a certain amount of money to our social security and Medicaid/Medicare systems before the could even apply for these services, I might now be for it after analyzing these numbers. Canada could be alright but, look at these number first. Why Mexico, it has a much larger population than Canada and is more economically challenged? I live in El Paso TX, a boarder town with a large Mexican city, and have always thought of Mexico as a third world nation. This is in fact incorrect. They are considered a firmly established upper-middle income country. Mexico is considered a newly industrialized country and an emerging power. It has the 13th largest nominal GDP and the 11th largest by purchasing power parity. They have approximately 111 million citizens and are the 11 th populous country in the world. The US has about 310 million and the largest GDP in the world by far.
    Mexico has a national debt of only 20% of their national GDP! They are a member of the G8 + 5, they are one of the + 5 countries, which is a new addition to the original G8 group of nations. Mexico is the sixth largest oil producing countries and is estimated to have the worlds #4 largest reserves of untapped oil. In fact Goldmans Sachs predicts by 2050 that Mexico will have the worlds 5th largest economy.
    Canada has a much smaller population with only 34 million people and the number 8 largest GDP in the world. They are one of only 3 countries in the world with a per capita income of over $40K per year. The US is #1 and Japan is #3. Canada has the worlds # 2 largest reserves of untapped oil. Adding Canada would be just like adding another state. A large sized state with a strong economy, vast natural resources and a well developed infrastructure and industry that is already predominantly English speaking.
    Adding Mexico would give us a large emerging market with a fast growing economy and vast natural resources as well. It would cut down on the tons of illegal drugs ruining millions of American lives. The new border would be only 600 miles with Guatemala and 140 with Belize which we might as well take too. I mean unite with.

    If your US union is anything like the European union, it will be a disaster for anyone exept imigrants who dont contribute to your wellfare system, there will be unrest just as there is in the UK.
    Look at it this way!, we never had a referendum, but we were prommised one, and the reason being is because we had a welfare system that we all paid into "providing you were working",and outsiders come here and help themselves free of charge, thanks to "Tony Blair the friend of the US people",to our housing, health, social money to help them along and feed them and there brood, and all without paying a penny, and on top of all that,they bring in there gangsters, drug dealers, pick pockets, pimps and prostitutes, and all the scum you can well do without, they know all the scams, also we dont have any controle over our own country, all controle comes from faceless wonders we never voted for in Brussels, who take home massive wages far more than anyone in our country, and live like kings and all on our hard earned cash, ans we wonder why were all skint.
    Sorry folks but I dont like the idea, never did and never will, because it's not why our forfathers fought two world wars to be ruled by someone who dont even speak our language, and in another country.

    Wow. The world is suffering from bigotry, continual wars, starvation, sickness and malnutrition on a vast scale, the middle class is disappearing, especially in North America where a greater and greater percentage of the wealth is concentrated at the top, there is the threat of nuclear war from ever more countries, pollution and global warming are on the uprise, the United States has the biggest military budget in the world which is so unable to stop terrorism that getting on an airplane with a pair of nail clippers is considered a security threat, massive unemployment, the suspension of rights at places like Guantanamo, but most of these posters are worried about a world government? In the next 40 years the population of the world is expected to increase to 9 or 10 billion people. Two hundred years ago governments could perhaps solve most problems within their borders or at least contain them – that is no longer the case. If anyone has any ideas how you can solve these problems without giving up some authority to international agencies I would love to hear it. The U.S. can not survive as an island, nor can any country in the world. None. The sooner we face up to our collective problems and work together, the better chance our children will have.


    Global warming is a hoax. It's all propaganda and part of the agenda. This will be one of the main excuses for becoming a one world government. Check out a documentary called Esoteric Agenda. There you will find over whelming evidence of the agenda occurring under every ones noses. Just Google it.

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