Who remembers 9/11?

    Who knows the truth about the attacks on the world trade center on 9/11?

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    I remember and always will.

    its fairly common knowledge what really happened, the evidence is overwhelming, but who are we going to complain to, if we recap a famous presidential quote the message becomes clearer "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories
    concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
    malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away
    from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty." he then goes on to say you are either with us or with THEM.


    I remember and love that quote.

    cospiricy or not makes no differance to the brave souls who lost their lives in the name of justice .. may god bless them and all their families
    Who could forget, I watched the jets flying over our little town rerouted to safe airports. My heart broke for the ones who were caught in the scene and the ones who lost their loved ones. Made me realize just how vulnerable everyone is in life.

    this question is very very good

    damn , so much shit happening in this world you don't know what to believe

    The day of the 911 wen I came home from work and put on tv, I thot it was a movie, and went to turn over the channel, same on 3 channels, then wen I realised wat had happened I sat in shock, staring at the tv, flicking from channel to channel in disbelief. I cried for those poor people lost in the planes, the towers and the firemen and their families. It was a sad sad day for the world. I have watched many programmes about what really happened and I do not think the US government were behind it, why wud they do such a thing, and to what benefit, None. It was terrorists and that was it. People turned against muslims after the 911 but that was wrong because muslims are not bad people, it is the same no matter what background or religion you come from.... there will always be a bad one who wants to kill innocent people for whatever their sick excuse.


    Don't believe the media or those propaganda shows you've seen on t.v. The networks are owned by the same people. There was lots to benefit like Larry Silverstein's hundred dollar insurance claim, those buildings were a defecate to the city of New York costing it 10's of thousands of $$ per month + it needed millions in code upgrades.
    Although most of the evidence against the government is suggestive there is still concrete over whelming evidence that the official story is full of shit. Like how did the buildings fall at free fall speed. That's impossible based on the official story.

    ...yes, everytime I have an emergency...

    how do you explain the planes going through the buildings and testimonies from the public that were there?


    The planes really hit the building. That was the distraction for why the buildings really fell down. It is physically impossible for a plane to knock down a building like that. and even if it was possible then the building still would not fall at free fall speed. Which the world trade centers did. Seismographs calculated the fall of each building and concluded that they fell in just under 10 seconds. Based on the official story that would be impossible. Who was flying the planes? There is a lot of theories about that. I encourage you to watch the above mentioned documentaries.

    9/11 was an inside job created by the U.S. Government . Sounds crazy? Here is the proof…
    On WTC 1 2 and 7 the core columns were cut at the base, thermite waw used for this. (thermite is used in controlled demolitions) WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane, only small debris and it collapsed by what we know was a controlled demolition. (at almost 5 pm they said pull the building over the radio and down it came) How long do you think it takes to wire a building to blow? More than a day, I guarantee it. Two months prior to the attacks Larry Silverstein (the owner of the WTC complex) took out a type of insurance policy that has never been done in the history of insurance. He took out terrorist protection so that if his building would ever come under a terrorist attack he would be compensated. Well guess what? Because WTC was hit by two planes he made two claims and received double compensation. (billions) Two week end before the attacks an unprecedented event took place at the WTC complex, They gave just 24 hours notice and before the week end and shut the place down claiming they were upgrading the internet cables. Do you really thing that these were intent cables. There is so much more to the overwhelming evidence that the official story about 19 Arab high jackers with box cutters did this under Binladen’s watch is bullshit. Check out documentaries such as loose change and high jacking humanity.


    True...I suppose it was another Hollywood "super stunt". I know it was the scariest day of my 60 years, and it was no "crazed act by a lone gunman" Evil now has money, guns, weapons and the will to use them. Evil exists, and not in just one man.


    Absolute rubbish. I was in the WTC when the 1st plane hit and answers like these are distasteful and an insult to the people that died that horrible day. A BIG THUMBS DOWN.
    Let me guess, Liberal Democrat correct?


    correct jayaywhy unfortunately some in society are operating with small brains making the decoding of truthful substance almost impossible. "The frog in the well can not imagine the ocean"


    thank you melody I acknowledge the last two words of your misinformed statement keep following my post's perhaps you might learn something.


    Why do you feel it OK to belittle others m.Do you think maybe its your brain that's small.a lot of the posts you make are copied and pasted..duh smart


    is this a confession ? perhaps I can help?


    hello! jayaywhy I am responding to melody who has taken position as a sniper, sorry if you got caught in the crossfire.


    TSC just so you know there are hundreds of people who heard secondary explosions in the sub basement of the building. and have you ever seen the footage of the buildings after they fell. The core columns are cut at a 40 degree angle with molten metal dripping down the side. this didn't happen from an airplane. How do you explain the buildings falling at free fall speed. only moving mass out of the way could have made this possible. It to bad most Americans are so badly brain washed they'll believe everything there told with out critical or logical thinking.


    I don't find it OK to belittle others. A fact is a fact. If the truth hurts then you need to learn how to deal with that. And if you are one of the closed minded, that can be helped too. I can help some ones ignorance by educating them, but if they don't want to listen then I can't help their stupidity.

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