how will domestic violence case removal in agreement with my wife can be done?

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    Many states are now charging the wives criminally and financially for dropping charges. Wasting the states time and money. This is good. Most battered wives do this, drop the charges. They are to stupid to realize once an abuse takes place the next is sure to follow. Any cowardly man  who assaults a woman should be circumsized from the neck up. If this question pertains to you, you are a s**tbag, and deserve jail. If not, my apology.

    Talk to your lawyer about this.


    iklicked to see what answer, great ha ha

    There's nothing else left for me to say.  Ed took the words right of my mouth, and a lot more!   :)


    Seriously, never ever hit your wife.  Pick on her brother if he's bigger than you.

    It sad how many people are so biased about the domestic violence just side with a woman or man. Don't pri- judge you could be one of them in either side?

    Forget about your Karma or ... . It is only the Almighty worthy to be the Judge the Creator and redeemer for human soul.


    I wish you health and salvation from Christ Jesus



    Look at the question you presented for them to go on. Not a lot of information and the sentence itself didn't make complete sense. Stop judging. Hope you get salvation too hypocrite. I'm not a Christian and people like you are a good reason why.

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