Is slavery still practiced?

    Are you a slave?

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    Yes, it is still practiced in the USA to a higher degree. However, it is under the auspices of orginazations called corporations. These corporations control everthing that happens in this country all the way up to the presidency. Corporations were not supposed to be a factor to the structure of government that was created by our forefathers. Our rights are supposed to be individual rights and not the rights of business entities. The wealthy controlled the plantations and businesses before the civil war and then after the civil war the wealthy surfaced with corporations that are stonger in having a grip on the middle class and poor. They can not be satisfied with a little, they have to have all of it. This is strangling our country to the point of collapsing.


    Another bleeding heart liberal who wants OTHER PEOPLES money.
    Mr Change Change Change is trying, but he won't succeed.


    Another lefty loon.


    Your absolutely right NRHJIM, it is the corporations that control everything right up to the supposedly elected leaders. And the war that was supposed to free people and give them their rights has only enslaved people more. Furthermore the Rothschild family was responsible for the financing of both sides of the war. The bankers (Rothschild family) didn't care who won the war all they new is they would make a shit load of money on it and still control the people including the people who would be placed as front men (puppets) our Presidents and Prime ministers.

    ed shank

    TSC. Your right. Listen to this S**t.

    I worked for a carpet cleaning company, sometimes we worked 22 hour shifts, some of the guy's only made ten bucks an hour, and the work was very fast paced commercial work. They're were no scheduled breaks, I lost twenty pounds working there because it was non-stop hard work. It may not be slavery legally, but it sure felt like it.

    If you make a low wage and do very physically demanding work, with few benefits, is that almost slavery? It sure felt like it.


    Here is something to think about. The only reason you go to work is because you need money not because you want to. Who controls the money...Not the government. The government is controlled by the same individuals who control everything and we are all slaves as long as we have to work to live. This is slavery and we've been washed with this illusion around us to make us accept it as it is and we say "but I need a job to make money to pay my bills and so on". Let me ask you this, how much does the bear owe, how many bills does it have, or the blue jay, how much do they owe? Exactly...

    Do not get me wrong I am very thankful to have a job but I am on salary and work long hours and salary means the same pay whether work 40 hours per week or 140 and I work very very hard so yeah I believe I am a slave, but got to have a roof over my head......

    Ask my kids that question...I'm sure they would think they are slaves when I ask them to clean their think there is slavery in different countries. I don't consider myself a slave in any way. I work for myself, I live in a free country and am as a woman able to make decisions and have choices. I think being born into countries that are free, we have no idea what it is to have it tough...really tough! Whether we work hard to earn a buck, dress to fit in,or give in to peer pressure there are always choices we have to change the situation. This is what our veterans fought for is our freedom and slavery along with freedom are polar opposites. Maybe I live with rose colored glasses but a slave I am not thank goodness!


    No one is more enslaved than a slave who thinks he/she is free.

    Hi there, I know there are worst places than north america to live still we are slaves living in an illusion created for us by the law society. That revolutionary war where people supposedly got their rights and freedoms and democracy was put into place. That was an illusion too. Those poor people who fought for their country where all lied to about why they where fighting and both sides of the war where funded by the Rothschild family. Our Governments, banks and us are controlled by these people to this day. Slavery...


    I see your point for sure and in some ways agree completely. In Canada, the government has the welfare system in place and many varieties of pensions for those who can't work or just lazy and really don't want to(that I don't agree with but what can you do). I work for myself and actually have to say I really like what I do.As far as the laws, some I agree with and other suck but I still have the choice to conform.Like everything there are consequences or reactions to actions. Slavery leaves absolutely no choices. Here come the rose colored glasses again!

    Depends upon whom you're married to or involved with! (Just being facetious!) I do believe that it is still practiced in some countries but not sure which. Then you have the people tricking young women and men into prostition and slavery involved with same.


    So you don't consider yourself to be a slave?

    ole hipster

    I'm not personally a slave (a slave to fashion, peer pressure, any individual etc.) Probably can be considered a slave to our government, a slave to my own thoughts and feelings and I imagine there are a few other things. BUT, not intentional slavery. This what you mean by your comment? If not, please illuminate me, I'm curious.

    Don't want to be a slave? Become a slave owner.

    No, but I wish it was. It would be good for the economy. Entitlement spending would slow to a trickle also. Seems like a plan.

    If you can't own your own land your a slave.

    ole hipster

    You have a point there my friend!

    If you pay property taxes.You're just renting your property any how.

    Yes. The good old USA. There are a lot of funny things going on with private prisons and an obscene amount of "campaign contributions" are involved. Don't assume the prisons are run by the individual states as in the past. Private prisons exist to make a profit-and I don't think it's too hard to figure out how those profits are made. One saving is the appalling lack of training and the staffing and backgrounds of the employees in these places. It's just something I've been trying to learn about.

    I wish I could be more specific, but another aspect of this private prison scam is in the states that have passed laws to round up illegals by asking for their "papers". At the state and county level they are detaining large numbers of people outside the federal immigration system. Surprise-these warm bodies are detained indefinitely in private facilities to the tune of $200.00 dollars a day.   An awful lot of state level officials have stock in these outfits.

    As far as I am concerned, it is one more area that has been so corrupted I don't know how it can ever be cleaned up........



    Well before I get all into this and upset about it, I would need to see the proof. I can not take just the word of someone I do not know, sorry. If this is true, there needs to be an investigation. Some people can be paid off but not all. It needs to be reported and investigated. Bring it to the news programs.

    I have great concern about the prison industrial complex. Take a look at the disproportionate number of people of color in prisons.

    Private prisons are essentially using inmates as slave labor. I became aware when I read an article about a defense contractor who moved their factory into the prisons. The inmates were paid cents per hour. The top 6 officers of the company combined made more than the 23,000 prisoners who made their product-not to mention no benefits. The taxpayers pick up that tab. They also did not follow the laws on exposure to dangerous materials. If that's not the new plantation I don't know what is. A little research will show the types of jobs these prisoners are doing that used to be done by people supporting their families. It also explains the disgusting amount of money these prison lobbyista pay to politicians.......


    Where exactly was this? In the USA, prisoners actually have rights. They are treated better than the law abiding citizens.

    This is not abot slaves, but curruption in private prisons. There was a scandal in PA., called Kids for Cash. I remember was a private Juvenile detention center, where two judges sent thousands of juveniles to jail, that schould not have been incarcarated and received kickbacks from the private company to the tune of almost 3 million dollars.

    My first thot wen I saw this question was the series years ago called Roots. I was a young teenager wen I saw this and never forgot how bad the white people treated Black people. 2years ago I saw the DVD collection for Roots and I bought it. It makes me ashamed to be white to think our nation treated black people that way. This is the real meaning of slavery. But even in the 21st centuary I am sure it still exists in the form of young children put out to work/prostitution by their parents to earn money to support their family.

    ole hipster

    I agree! Roots touched a cord with me also.

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