What is the most disappointing aspect about religion?

    What is the most disappointing aspect about religion?

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    all of it whats the point in living your life though a book look at the state of the world would a so called loving person put us threw all the pain he has

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    There is more hate in this world as a result of religion than love, it seems.  Most, if not all, religions teach and promote peace, kiindness, and love.  In reality, people are mean to each other and at the same time claiming their religion is the real deal.

    Practice what YOUR religion truly wants you to practice.



    Well said Chaingmai lol

    That's disappointing in the human behavior aspect. If the religion promotes peace, kindness, and love, the problem is in the people who don't follow those teachings. They can say their religion is the real deal, but THEY aren't really representative of it. Don't confuse the idealogy of the religion with the behavior of the never-perfect human.(Not trying to reprimand you; just hoping you can separate the human aspect of religion for the actual religion)

    I agree with you totally, Bob. I grew up in the church my whole life, hence, I have seen enough of the B.S.

    Tithing is up there.



    We find that outside of religion, too, maybe more so in general daily life. ???? Maybe?

    The churches that I have been to promote free thinking, not control. They tell you to go home and do your own research. Religion in the past can be a bad thing when they're connected to government. That's what the amendment to our constitution meant,,,, about separation between church and state.

    Why do the people who at odds with God, always accuse religion of trying to control people. Is it because you want to do whatever you want without any accountability? That's why God gave us free will, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. It's just that Christians realize that they are sinners and need the forgiveness of God for doing wrong. There is right and wrong and eternal consequences for your actions, and all people will be held responsible for their own actions.

    The question is will you be forgiven for the bad choices and go to heaven or will you be unforgiven and go to hell?


    If you did your research you'll find that the story of Jesus is older than Jesus him self. In fact 3000 B.C. and then some. the Egyptians worshiped a sun God named Horus who was born on December 25 by a virgin where three kings followed the star in the east do deliver gifts to the new born king. And this same story permeates through out several other societies long before Jesus was ever born.

    All religions derive from astrotheology. Ancient civilizations through anthropomorphizing the stars came up with these elaborate stories to help them explain natural solar and celestial cycles.


    Heaven and hell are not the only options. Some religions believe that when you die there is nothing afterwards and some believe in reincarnation.

    leeroy, your answer is awesome.
    jayaway, I saw that show. Consider the source. Believe what you want, but my eternal life is on the Bible.
    witchway: can't argue with you. Maybe that is one big problem with one knows for sure what happens after death. I'm with leeroy on this.
    Please note that these are only my opinions.

    Thanks Bob and all for the comments.Jayawhy maybe Jesus came before and the Earth has been destroyed and re-created several times, many people believe in some of those theories? Who's to say, all I know is Jesus is God and real to me.

    To: jayaywhy - You've done some homework I see, good for you! Mithra was another savior god with the same "MO". Nice to see someone else that likes to look to the past and attain ancient knowledge. I love to read about different religions and thier origins, especially the ones that no longer exist.

    To most people who have an issue with religion, the most disappointing thing is that they are not God. Most still think they are though and that the sun shines from their arse.

    The belief that everyone must believe!

    That the tested n true morales of God have been whitewashed to almost nothingness.
    Pray for the Mothers that still teach morals.


    And fathers. Let us not be uber-feminazi about this.

    One big problem with "religion" nowadays is that, like Tabitha said, it has been whitewashed so badly.  Many "religions" are created by man.  Many "philosophies" or "lifestyles" call themselves "religion".   I don't see or read much controversy of philosophic religions. Politically Correct means we can't say anything critical of another persons' lifestyle, and many lifestyle choices which are alternative to what used to be "normal" come complete with their own "religions" to validate the choices that are contrary to "religion". 
    I think this question is thinly veiled (if at all) to ask what is wrong with Christianity.  There is nothing wrong with Christianity.....if you take your faith from what is in the BIBLE, not what you hear on TV, U-Tube, movies, even some street corners and too many pulpits.  You can find books too, for those of you who read.
    You can find, or make up, what you need to validate what you want to believe or not believe.  Being a Christian is not easy.  We don't get to make up stuff to dismiss our poor behavior. We have a reference book. Our "religion" is based on faith....something many religions are lacking.
    God doesn't control everything that everyone says or does.  FREE WILL gives you a CHOICE.  If God wanted you under His thumb, that's where you would be. Don't be whining about "If God was really good, this wouldn't have happened".  Yeah, it would and it did.....because we are humans.  Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  God isn't pulling strings on marionettes.  God wants a relationship with you, and it is your choice whether or not to have one.  If that isn't free will, enlighten me. It IS your life. Live it and suffer the consequences......we all do. I just know Jesus is running interference while I carry the ball, and I will follow Him into my "end zone".  When I "touchdown" it will be in the Heaven that my faith  tells me exists.   AND I WILL HAVE ALOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO.
    Oh, now I'm on a soapbox like those people I just told you to watch out for.  Sorry.

    That it is the psychological soil from which other myths can flourish in order to control the masses.


    Control the masses, eh? Well Jesus and Co failed miserably. No-one takes a blind bit of notice of the central tenets of 'love thy neighbour'. Some 'control' eh.

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