im a teenage girl

    How can i let my mother know that im ready to start datin??

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    Has your mother ever mentioned dating to you and what age she felt was appropriate?



    My opinion but I'm not your mom, would be 16. Have you been able to prove to her that you're responsible enough to handle dating and the inevitable sex issue? What you show your mom is what's going to convince her that your ready more than any words you can give her.


    wel im 14 almost 15 an she say i gotta wait til im 18

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    Jasmine, just set down with your mom in a relaxed atmosphere and just be up front with her and tell her that you are ready to start dating. Tell her that you'll be careful and that you will abide by her rules. Just give it a try.

    Tell her... Dont fight, dont pout.. be honest... settle for group dates.. work her into it. She is your mom she sees danger everywhere. Let her meet any guy you are interested in.


    Very good Jenn,

    I was 16 but that was a long time ago.


    Hey Teenager. Your mom knows a lot about boys since she was there once. Boys can be nice and boys can be treacherous. I know I was one. Not that I ever tried to pull a trick on a girl, oh no, I was a gentlemen all the time. Look out for lightening. The worst is that many boys will tell the most intimate things about know to their friends and Facebook.
    A girl's reputation is always vunerable that is why your enemies always go after it! Anything that you do will be blabbed and some added to it. Ask mom about this and ask other young women about it. They may be able to tell you how bad it can get if you date too young. I would say that 16 is about the youngest you should start. I know things have changed but not really people.
    Oh yeah there is all the fun of STD's and pregnancies. Those babies cry an awful lot.


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