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    It's not easy, but if your sick and tired of being sick and tired, the time has come. Everyday the urges get a little less. If I could do it, so can you.

    Like any addiction....if you really really want to do it ,you can,but boy it sure is a battle.Keep focused and strong, good luck.

    Take a picture of yourself in the mirror when you are blitzed, then look at it when you are sober..  This actually worked for an old friend of mine. LOL..  Along with his wife making a video of him when he was making a fool of himself.  He is a really good guy but when he drinks, he goes nuts but never remembers.. This was years ago.

    I don't know if it will work for you but honestly, like any bad habit, yyou must take the first step and you just did that. Now the second step is follow through on it.. Just stop, don't look back and one day soon you will be totally free. Determination is the cure.

    ed shank

    I've heard of that tactic being used many years ago with success. Great answer.

    You said it - just stop. Go to rehab if necessary.

    Determination.  Get help from Alcoholics Anonymous.

    difficult this one.i suggest you speak to your doctor who might give you librium  for a few days to help with withdrawal but you do need support.AAdoesnt work for everyone but perhaps worth thinking about?life is better sober,i wish you all the luck in the world 








    get advice from your Doctor then go to AA and get yourself a sponcer straight way as these are the people you need in the begining just remember one you start the program (AA) its a selfish program you have to put your selve first all the time so if you have family tell them what it involves very good luck and you must want to give up for your selve not for the family as this will never work and if that dont work try and get to Rehab good luck for the future and do not hesitate to come on site and ask for help as someone will always give you some advise

    If you drink out a bottle maybe  put a nipple on end of it, than you might think  twice before sucking it.

    walk past the pub

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